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Indonesia's Intellectual Property Office Wins Award in Fight Against Piracy at Interpol Conference

10.06.2024 - 09:11:44

Indonesia's Intellectual Property Office Wins Award in Fight Against Piracy at Interpol Conference. Indonesia's Intellectual Property Office worked with Interpol, South Korea's Ministry of Culture & Tourism and police in South Korea and Indonesia to take down the operator behind the pirate TVDOL IPTV service

SINGAPORE, June 10, 2024 - (ACN Newswire) - The Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) and its anti-piracy arm, the Coalition Against Piracy (CAP), join with the Indonesian Video Streaming Association (AVISI) in congratulating Indonesia's Intellectual Property Office (Directorate General of Intellectual Property - DJKI) for receiving an award from Interpol and the South Korean National Police for their actions in working with Interpol, South Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, the Busan Police and the Indonesian National Police to arrest the Jakarta based operator of the pirate IPTV service known as TVDOL.

The arrest of the operator behind TVDOL in Jakarta in October 2023 followed a complaint by the Korean broadcaster Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) to Korean authorities of pirating of its content, including in Indonesia. Further investigations revealed the pirate operation was based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and involved a number of individuals, including the main operator Kim Dong Gil. The TVDOL operation had been run since 2010, and, according to the South Korean government, resulted in losses of more than USD11 million dollars.

"Piracy knows no borders and it's vital that enforcement authorities in different countries work together to take action against pirate operators wherever they are based, and we commend Indonesia's Intellectual Property Office for the outstanding work that resulted in the takedown of a pirate operation causing damage in multiple countries," said Matt Cheetham, the General Manager of CAP. "It is very encouraging to see so many enforcement bodies in different countries working together to take action against pirates that are not only damaging the South Korean and Indonesian creative communities, but also placing consumers in both countries at risk from the harms such as viruses and ransomware that are well-known to be associated with pirate operations."

Fachrul Prasodjo, Deputy Chair of Public Relations at AVISI, stated that efforts to enforce intellectual property law in Indonesia are not only a manifestation of the commitment to protect creative and innovative rights but also a strategic step in building a strong legal foundation and supporting the industry ecosystem. "AVISI congratulates DJKI on the award achieved. We greatly appreciate the strategic collaboration conducted by DJKI at the international level, which aligns with AVISI's main vision and mission in fighting piracy. The success of this collaboration is a driving force for ecosystem growth from upstream to downstream in this industry," said Prasodjo.

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