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Vicinity Showcases the World-First Software-Defined 5G User Equipment in the 5G-ACIA Industrial 5G Day 2024

11.06.2024 - 07:00:48

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Vicinity Technologies Limited (Vicinity), a leading provider of innovative wireless communications products and advanced technologies, is thrilled to unveil its pioneering first software-defined 5G user equipment (UE) at the esteemed 5G-ACIA Industrial 5G Day in Austin, Texas, USA, on June 13, 2024, following the 5G-ACIA 30th Plenary Meeting, scheduled for June 11-12 in Austin, Texas. This game-changing 5G UE solution based on the software-defined radio (SDR), boasting unparalleled ultra-low latency, ultra-low jitter, highly synchronised and high-reliability 5G wireless applications, is poised to revolutionise diverse, dynamic industries and set new standards in wireless communications.


Traditional robotic systems have long relied on a complex web of numerous cables to establish a connection with their governing computer, making the setup process needlessly complicated and cumbersome, especially when transitioning between various tasks. By seamlessly replacing these restrictive cabled connections with the power of 5G wireless communications, Vicinity is not just simplifying the setup process, but also enabling significantly more efficient operations.


Ensuring highly reliable and precisely coordinated communications is fundamental for robotic systems’ seamless and synchronised operation. Vicinity’s 5G SDR UE solution is based on NXP i.MX 8 series application processor and NXP Layerscape Access LA9310 baseband device enables tight integration of sensor fusion and 5G communications on a single hardware. Vicinity SDR UE enables highly synchronized clock distributions over the air from the master device. The clock jitter is less than 2 microseconds. The latency is controlled within 1 millisecond, enabling very fast closed-loop feedback between remote sensors and actuators. Benefited by the Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications (URLLC) in 5G, Vicinity SDR UE could also achieve five-9s reliability for industrial automation.


Furthermore, Vicinity has recognised the necessity of transitioning to a wireless communications architecture that uses Ethernet over a time-sensitive network (TSN) instead of using the traditional TCP/IP protocol. The NXP i.MX 8 application processor integrated with a TSN gateway also boasts significant cost and latency advantages in deploying industrial 5G applications.


Dr. Eric Tsang, the esteemed CEO of Vicinity Technologies, is eagerly looking forward to personally demonstrating the company’s groundbreaking 5G UE solution at the upcoming event. The company invites all attendees to join them and seize the opportunity to gain first-hand, insightful information about the transformative path towards realising Industrial 5G, a technological revolution poised to reshape the industrial landscape.


An end-to-end demonstration of Vicinity’s SDR UE and Vicinity's 5G industrial network will be presented at the 5G-ACIA Industrial 5G Day 2024 hosted at NXP—Oak Hill Campus. The 5G industrial network is equipped with Quanta 4T4R commercial-ready integrated small cell loaded with Vicinity 5G base-station software. Interested parties can contact Vicinity ( to schedule in-person meetings.


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