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TV Reality Show Keep Running Explores Budapest

11.07.2024 - 07:35:08

Season 12 recently brought a group of Chinese celebrities to discover Budapest in Hungary, delving into its landmarks and rich cultural heritage.


The show showcased renowned actors like Li Chen, Zheng Kai and Sha Yi, alongside actresses Bai Lu, singer Zhou Shen, and pop idols Fan Chengcheng, Song Yuqi and Zhang Zhenyuan. During their Budapest adventure, the celebrities immersed themselves in Hungarian traditions, mastering the traditional dance Csardas, participating in a soccer match, and visiting the exquisite Urania National Film Theatre. They also tackled challenges related to film, television, and music, fostering connections with the local Hungarian community.


During their visit to the Urania National Film Theatre, the cast members delved into the historical collaboration between China and Hungary in the film industry. They uncovered that in the early 20th century, Hungarian architect Laszlo Hudec designed the iconic Grand Theatre in Shanghai. In recent years, the partnership and collaboration between China and Hungary in film and television have significantly strengthened.


Throughout the show, parallels were drawn between the cultural affinities of China and Hungary, including their exquisite porcelain, shared zodiac signs, and mutual appreciation for spicy cuisine.


The program is dedicated to consistently aligning with national themes and highlighting the accomplishments of the Belt and Road Initiative, emphasizing a creative ethos that fosters cultural exchange.


The show has garnered over 3 million subscribers on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, reaching audiences in more than 200 countries and regions, including the United States, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia.