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Swasti Launches a Short Film Series to Highlight the Critical Intersection of Climate Change and Human Health

05.06.2024 - 14:06:13

Business Wire India
With an aim to shed light on a critical aspect of climate change: its devastating impact on human health, Swasti, The Health Catalyst, a leading public health platform has launched a powerful new short film, “Under the Indian Sky: Tales of Climate and Health - Part 1: Our Carers", this World Environment Day.

The short film is part of a series of 12 short films - scheduled for release over 12 months in FY 2024-2025 - that results from a series of listening exercises led by Dr. Angela Chaudhuri, Chief Catalyst, Swasti across India in 2023 and 2024 where Dr. Chaudhuri met with members from communities most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, frontline health workers and sectoral partners to understand the experiences, learnings and actions around health impact of climate change.

The films capture rich perspectives, anecdotes, and shared lived realities that can shape the ongoing global and national discourse around the impact of climate change on our most vulnerable citizens.

The first of the series, “Under the Indian Sky: Tales of Climate and Health - Part 1: Our Carers” helps us see the impact of climate change on communities through the eyes of frontline health workers, – doctors, nurses, and public health personnel – who find themselves not only as frontline health workers but also on the frontlines of this unprecedented crisis. Through their firsthand accounts, the film stitches together the health impact of climate change, as experienced by communities.

The film is a Call to Protect Ourselves and Our Planet. On the occasion of the film launch, Dr. Angela Chaudhuri, Chief Catalyst from Swasti, said, “The climate crisis presents the most crippling health challenge of the 21st Century, jeopardizing vital aspects of human existence such as air, food, water, shelter, and, security states. The short film is a powerful testament to the impact climate change is having on the health and well-being of communities all over the world. We urge everyone to watch this film and join us in taking action to protect our health and our planet. Together, we can build a healthier future for ourselves and generations to come.”

Digital Film Link: (premieres at 17:00 5th June)

Dr. Angela says about the film series, " 'Under the Indian Sky', is a powerful and necessary contribution to the climate change conversation. Highlighting the frontline experiences of healthcare workers captures the human cost of this crisis - something we often miss capturing. We hope the film series sparks dialogue and inspires action towards a healthier planet for all."

The next film in the series, scheduled to release on 5th July, 2024 features members from vulnerable communities in India sharing their experiences of the impact of climate change on their lives.