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Mumbai Pride March 2024: A Resplendent Celebration of Diversity and Inclusivity

05.02.2024 - 11:30:56

Business Wire India
After a hiatus of four years, the streets of Mumbai bore witness to the resurgence of colors, love, and unity as the Mumbai Pride March triumphantly returned to the city on the 3rd of February 2024. Spearheaded by The Mumbai Queer Pride (MQP), The Humsafar Trust (HST), other LGBTQ+ collectives and individuals, the event was a jubilant display of solidarity, resilience, and the continued pursuit of visibility and equal rights.

Mumbai Pride has evolved into a collaborative force since its inception in 2008. Over the years, it has been organized by HST in conjunction with various LGBTQ+ organizations, activists, and allies. The movement has gained substantial momentum as individuals and advocacy groups have relentlessly pushed for visibility, rights, and societal acceptance.

One of the major draws this year was 'Gulabi Mela', organized in collaboration with its youth-led initiative, Yaariyan, which took place on January 28th. The event showcased innovative talent by young queer entrepreneurs, dazzling performances by community artists, and a variety of engaging activities and workshops including the presence of sexual health awareness program- NETREACH. Pride marches have long been a platform for advocacy and activism, aiming to promote equality, acceptance, rights and health awareness for the community. Innovation is the key to spreading awareness about transmission, prevention, and de-stigmatization of HIV/AIDS.

In addition to the Gulabi Mela, The Humsafar Trust has also organized an LGBTQ+ flash mob and 'Q Games 2024', a fun-filled gaming event at Juhu Beach. These activities aimed to keep the pride spirits high and celebrate the queer community in all its glory.

The CEO of The Humsafar Trust, Vivek Raj Anand, emphasized the importance of Pride, stating, “Pride is when you have nothing to hide, and embracing one's identity without reservation or fear is a source of pride. Mumbai Pride was meticulously planned to showcase visibility and openness in advocating for equality and anti-discrimination laws. There is more ground to cover in this journey, and this march reflects our commitment to transparency and authenticity in the continued pursuit of social justice. As always, this march was made possible due to the necessary permissions and the additional cover of support we have received from authorities. A big thank you to the Mumbai Police for ensuring smooth operations.”

In this shared journey towards a more inclusive society, The Humsafar Trust invites people to commit to the endeavour to foster a future where everyone, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, can thrive with dignity and acceptance.