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LambdaTest Accessibility Automation streamlines accessibility checks, ensuring inclusive web content and compliance with accessibility regulations.

27.06.2024 - 06:31:44

LambdaTest Launches the Accessibility Automation to Promote Digital Inclusivity

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LambdaTest, a leading cloud-based unified testing platform, introduces its new feature, Accessibility Automation. This solution helps businesses create digital content that is inclusive and accessible to all, including individuals with disabilities. By automating the detection and reporting of accessibility barriers in web applications, LambdaTest ensures compliance with key standards such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.


Accessibility Automation leverages Axe-Core by Deque. It will suit organizations of all sizes as it ensures that as businesses grow, their digital content remains inclusive and compliant with legal requirements. It integrates seamlessly with popular testing frameworks, expanding its accessibility testing capabilities.


This product simplifies the process of identifying and addressing accessibility issues. It generates comprehensive reports highlighting specific problems, their severity, and recommendations for remediation. This thorough approach includes checking for common accessibility issues such as missing alt text, inadequate color contrast, and incorrect use of ARIA attributes, which are vital for assistive technologies like screen readers. The findings are presented in a centralized dashboard for easy monitoring and management.


"At LambdaTest, we believe in a digital world accessible to everyone," said Mayank Bhola, Co-Founder and Head of Products. "LambdaTest Accessibility Automation is designed to make it easy for developers, QA teams, and businesses to incorporate accessibility into their workflows without extra burdens. We aim to make accessibility a seamless part of development."


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