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India's First Mythology OTT Platform 'Hari Om' Launches Today at Only Rs 36 per Year

26.06.2024 - 10:32:33

India's First Mythology OTT Platform 'Hari Om' Launches Today at Only Rs 36 per Year. India's pioneering mythological OTT platform, Hari Om has launched today at an affordable price

and over 20 other mythological shows featuring a stellar cast and crew. These productions boast large-budget sets designed to transport viewers back to the golden age. Renowned actors such as Sharad Malhotra (Lord Krishna), Rati Pandey (Mata Saraswati), Yuktii Kapoor (Maa Lakshmi), Mrunal Jain (Rahu Ketu), and Vishal Karwal (Lord Vishnu) will be headlining these epic shows. Hari Om will be available to audience from today onwards at an affordable price of only Rs 36 per year.

The platform also offers both long and short format ‘U’ rated series, catering to senior citizens, children, and young adults. Additionally, it features bhajans in both video and audio formats, curated animated content on mythology and same content can be heard in podcast format as well. The platform also includes live aartis from major temples, prasad booking, temple news, donation options, and many other exciting features.

The app launches with 2 originals namely Shri Tirupati Balaji and Chaya Grah Rahu Ketu.

Shri Tirupati Balaji: Starring Vishal Karwal, this series revolves around the religious story of Shri Hari Vishnu's incarnation as Shrinivasan at Tirumala Hills.

Chaya Grah Rahu Ketu: Featuring Mrunal Jain, this show tells the tale of the Asura Swarnbhanu, who becomes immortal by drinking Amrit and is subsequently punished by Lord Vishnu.

Vishal Karwal who plays Lord Vishnu in Shri Tirupati Balaji said on the show, "It is a great honor to play the role of Lord Vishnu, an avatar of Shri Tirupati Balaji. Wearing the mukut and costume felt deeply spiritual. The promos suggest the grand scale and spectacular storytelling.”

Rati Pandey, who plays Goddess Mata Saraswati said on the show, "I am thrilled to portray Goddess Mata Saraswati. It's an honor to play such an important character, and the experience has been incredibly rewarding.”

Nivedita Basu, Senior Vice President Group said, “We take great pride in launching India's first mythological platform. This platform is special to us as it showcases our rich culture to the world. We aim to transport viewers to the golden age, experiencing religion and mythology in its purest forms. This platform will explore untold religious stories and delve into the detailed narratives of mythological characters whose stories have never been fully explored."

Hari Om is poised to become a one-stop destination for mythological content enthusiasts, blending entertainment, education, and cultural knowledge. The app is available on the Play Store, App Store, Google TV, Samsung TV, Apple TV, LG TV and Fire TV.