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HFS Research Recognizes CitiusTech as a Market Leader in HFS Horizons: HCP Service Providers, 2024

18.06.2024 - 05:55:31

HFS Horizons: HCP Service Providers, 2024 report. This distinguished position affirms CitiusTech’s integral role in addressing global delivery challenges faced by Healthcare Providers, with exceptional performance across primary care, acute care, post-acute, and rehabilitation services.

The HFS Horizons report meticulously examines the capabilities of 36 service providers. It focuses on their ability to alleviate the ongoing deterioration of the triple aim of care—reducing costs, enhancing care experiences, and improving health outcomes. The report identifies critical factors such as clinician shortages, an aging population, the prevalence of chronic diseases, and inefficient payment mechanisms that exacerbate the challenges faced by healthcare systems worldwide.

Rohan Kulkarni, Executive Research Leader – Healthcare and Life Sciences Research, HFS Research, said, "It is incumbent on all the stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem to positively impact the triple aim of care, to reduce the cost of care, enhance the experience of care, and improve health outcomes. CitiusTech has shown the ability to do that with growing consistency driving confidence to sustain its performance across the horizon."

Amid these challenges, the report highlights a promising future driven by technological advancements, innovative care delivery models, and strategic partnerships. Service providers like CitiusTech stand at the forefront of this transformation, transcending traditional transactional processes and pioneering clinical innovations that optimize care across the healthcare ecosystem.

“At CitiusTech, we understand the seismic shifts in the Healthcare Providers landscape towards value-based care. Patient satisfaction is now fundamental to financial success,” said John Squeo, Senior Vice President – Healthcare Provider Market, CitiusTech. “By leveraging our deep clinical and technical expertise, we are empowering Providers with innovative solutions that transform patient experiences into personalized and meaningful interactions. Our investments in GenAI and patient experience platforms such as Salesforce address accessibility issues, while data analytics and AI optimize workflows and decision-making. Recognizing the persistent challenges of documentation burden and workforce strain, we prioritize intelligent automation to balance efficiency with the necessary human oversight, ensuring quality and safety. CitiusTech's dedication to client engagement and excellence has boosted patient satisfaction, sped up development, and saved operational costs for Healthcare Providers.”

CitiusTech’s strengths noted in the report include:
  • Value proposition: Enabling technologies to simplify, enhance safety, and improve efficiencies. Partner with enterprise software and platforms to provide under-the-hood engineering prowess.
  • Capabilities: Combining consulting, technology enablement, and managed services leveraging the offshoring benefits. Key focus is on interoperability, data foundation, automation, patient and provider experience, integration of telemedicine and hospital at home, and cloud.
  • Go-to-market: Targeted efforts to address large health systems, hospitals, and payviders with strategic teaming arrangements and variable commercial constructs. Clinical and technical expertise from the industry form the basis of value creation.
  • Outcomes: Improved provider enterprise CSAT and NPS, speed to value (shorter development, faster implementation), and improved efficiencies driving operational savings, and improved health outcomes through reduced ED visits and readmissions.
  • Innovation: Investment and real-world experimentation to address a variety of contemporary challenges with GenAI.
  • Customer: CitiusTech wins for investing time in their clients, quality of deliverables, and their leadership engagement.
  • Partner: An ecosystem of hyperscalers, automation, analytics, and healthcare platform partners.
From 2020 to 2023, CitiusTech has strategically expanded through key acquisitions, including Wilco Source (2022) and Fluid Edge Consulting (2020). The company has also formed partnerships with industry leaders such as MS Azure, AWS, Google, Salesforce, Snowflake, Databricks, UiPath and others. CitiusTech's flagship IP includes Re-imaGen AI, PERFORM+ DataScale, RealSight Price Transparency, and a provider performance measure product, all designed to enhance healthcare outcomes and operational efficiencies.

To download the full report, please click here.

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CitiusTech is a leading provider of digital technology and consulting services to payer, provider, medical technology, and life sciences companies. With over 8,500 healthcare technology professionals worldwide, CitiusTech powers healthcare digital innovation, business transformation and industry-wide convergence for over 140 organizations, through next-generation technologies, solutions, and products. Key focus areas include healthcare interoperability, secure data management, quality and performance analytics, real world data, clinical research optimization, virtual trials, value-based care, patient experience, medical imaging, connected health, payer-provider convergence, care coordination and population health management. CitiusTech’s cutting-edge technology expertise, deep healthcare domain expertise and a strong focus on digital transformation enables healthcare and life sciences companies to reinvent themselves to deliver better outcomes, accelerate growth, drive efficiencies, and ultimately make a meaningful impact to patients. Follow CitiusTech on Twitter or LinkedIn.
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