ADROSONIC expands its IT quality services to meet customer demand for comprehensive, strategic approaches to protecting IT investments.

13.05.2024 - 05:56:46

ADROSONIC Launches Quality Engineering Practice to Optimize ROI on IT Spend

practice. As global IT spending is projected to hit a staggering US$5.1 trillion in 2024, up 8% from 2023 (Gartner), the focus on safeguarding these investments through strategic, comprehensive quality approaches is intensifying.

Mayank, CEO of ADROSONIC, emphasized the importance of this initiative: "With over a decade of experience in quality and digital assurance, we are uniquely positioned to offer a more strategic and integrated approach to quality. This new practice is our response to the evolving needs of our clients."

Traditional quality practices do little more than put testing at the end of development cycles. ADROSONIC’s Quality Engineering integrates quality into every stage of the software development life cycle. This “shift left” approach identifies bugs early in the process, enabling faster resolution and increasing ROI.

Neeraj Kumar, Director of Quality Engineering, highlighted the ADROSONIC Quality Maturity Model: "Our framework is rooted in a combination of industry best practices, including CMMI and TMMI, along with our extensive experience. It provides a roadmap for clients at any point in their quality journey to improve customer satisfaction and ROI." ADROSONIC tailors service offerings based on each customer’s unique situation and goals.

Customers have garnered impressive results with ADROSONIC’s Quality Engineering services, including one client who achieved ROI of over 50% in less than one year. Mark Hamblin, CIO of The Shipowners’ Club, a global marine insurer, attested to the value of ADROSONIC's services: "Quality issues not only affect ROI but also pose regulatory risks and customer satisfaction challenges. ADROSONIC's expertise in Quality Engineering is important in protecting our investments."

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