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Dexus Finance Pty Limited: Appendix 3H - Notice of Cessation of Securities

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19-March-2024 / 03:47 CET/CEST
Disclosure of an inside information acc. to Article 17 MAR of the Regulation (EU) No 596/2014, transmitted by EQS News - a service of EQS Group AG.
The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.

Appendix 3H Notification of cessation of securities Information and documents given to ASX become ASX’s property and may be made public. *Denotes minimum information required for first lodgement of this form. Part 1 – Entity and announcement details
Question no Question Answer
1.1 *Name of entity
We (the entity named above) provide the following information about our issued capital.[1]
1.2 *Registration type and number
Please supply your ABN, ARSN, ARBN, ACN or another registration type and number (if you supply another registration type, please specify both the type of registration and the registration number).
Dexus Funds Management Limited
(ACN 060 920 783) as responsible entity of Dexus Operations Trust (ARSN 110 521 223) and Dexus Property Trust
(ARSN 648 526 470)
1.3 *ASX issuer code DXS
1.4 *The announcement is
Select whichever is applicable.
? New announcement
? Update/amendment to previous announcement
? Cancellation of previous announcement
1.4a *Reason for update
Answer this question if your response to Q 1.4 is “Update/amendment to previous announcement”.
1.4b *Date of previous announcement to this update
Answer this question if your response to Q 1.4 is “Update/amendment to previous announcement”.
1.4c *Reason for cancellation
Answer this question if your response to Q 1.4 is “Cancellation of previous announcement”.
1.4d *Date of previous announcement to this cancellation
Answer this question if your response to Q 1.4 is “Cancellation”.
1.5 *Date of this announcement 19 March 2024
Part 2 – Details of +equity securities or quoted +debt securities that have ceased
Question No. Question Answer
2.1 *ASX +security code and description DXSAA – convertible notes
2.2 *Number of securities that have ceased Notes issued 19 March 2019 with an aggregate face value of AUD$323.2 million have been redeemed.
Following this redemption, notes issued 19 March 2019 with an aggregate face value of AUD$1.8 million remain on issue.
Following the exercise of the put option, Dexus has a call option for early repayment and cancellation of the remaining $1.8 million of Notes. Dexus intends to exercise its call option on 8 April 2024.
2.3 *Reason for cessation
Note: the conversion of a convertible security (which is notifiable to ASX under Listing Rule 3.10.3B) is not regarded as the “cessation” of the convertible security for the purposes of this rule. Likewise, the payment up of a partly paid security resulting in it becoming a fully paid security (which is notifiable to ASX under Listing Rule 3.10.3D) is not regarded as the “cessation” of the partly paid security for the purposes of this rule.
? Expiry of option or other convertible security without exercise or conversion
? Lapse of conditional right to securities because the conditions have not been, or have become incapable of being, satisfied
? Cancellation pursuant to a minimum holding buy-back
? Cancellation pursuant to an employee share scheme buy-back
? Cancellation pursuant to an on-market buy-back
? Cancellation pursuant to an equal access scheme buy-back
? Cancellation pursuant to a selective buy-back
? Cancellation pursuant to another form of buy back
? Cancellation pursuant to a reduction of capital
? Cancellation pursuant to a scheme of arrangement or other reconstruction
? Cancellation by agreement between the entity and the holder
? Repayment or redemption of +convertible debt security without conversion
? Repayment or redemption of quoted +debt security
? Redemption of redeemable preference securities
? Redemption of units
? Cancellation of partly paid +securities upon which a call or instalment has not been paid
? Other
If you have selected ‘other’ please provide additional details regarding the reason for cessation here:
2.4 *Date of cessation 19 March 2024
2.5 *Is the entity paying any consideration for the cessation?
Example: the payment of an amount to the holder of an option or right as consideration for the holder to agree to a cancellation of the option or right.
The repayment of the principal amount of a convertible debt security or quoted debt security in accordance with its terms is not regarded as consideration paid for the cessation of that security.
2.6 *In what currency is the consideration being paid?
Answer this question if your response to Q 2.5 is “Yes”
2.6a *Consideration amount per +security paid by the entity for the cessation
Answer this question if your response to Q 2.5 is “Yes”
The consideration amount per security should be provided per the currency specified in Q2.6.
Note: This question is not applicable for buy-back events (i.e. Minimum Holding, Employee, On-Market, Equal Access, Selective),
2.6b *Total consideration paid or payable for the securities
The total consideration amount should be provided per the currency specified in Q2.6.
Note: This question is applicable to buy-back events only (i.e. minimum holding, employee share scheme, on-market, equal access scheme, selective or other),
2.7 Any other information the entity wishes to notify to ASX about the cessation? At the option of noteholders, certain unlisted notes exchangeable into fully paid ordinary Dexus stapled securities issued 19 March 2019 have been redeemed pursuant to condition 7(e)(i) of the terms and conditions of the notes prepared in connection with the offer of notes by Dexus Finance Pty Ltd. Please refer to the Enhanced Cleansing Notice lodged by Dexus on ASX on 18 March 2019.
Repeat the above questions if you are advising the cessation of more than one security class. Part 3 – Issued capital following changes
Following the cessation of the +securities the subject of this notification, the issued capital of the entity will comprise:
3.1 *Quoted +equity securities and +debt securities (total number of each +class of +securities quoted on ASX)
ASX +security code and description
Total number of +securities on issue

DXS – fully paid units stapled securities

3.2 *Unquoted +equity securities (total number of each +class of +equity securities issued but not quoted on ASX):
ASX +security code and description
Total number of +securities on issue

DXSAB – performance rights

DXSAA – convertible notes

Note: the figures provided in the tables in sections 3.1 and 3.2 above are used to calculate the total market capitalisation of the entity published by ASX from time to time. Please make sure you include in the relevant table each class of securities issued by the entity.
If you have quoted securities over which CDIs have been issued, please include the number of quoted securities expressed as CDIs in the table in section 3.1 and not the number of quoted securities over which the CDIs have been issued. If some but not all of the entity’s main class of securities are quoted, you should include in the table in section 3.2 any unquoted securities in that class.
Restricted securities should only be included in the table in section 3.1 if you are applying to have them quoted because the escrow period for the securities has expired or is about to expire. Otherwise include them in the table in section 3.2.
Introduced 05/06/21; amended 05/02/24 [1] Listing rule 3.10.3E requires an entity to notify ASX of details of the cessation of: (a) any securities issued under an employee incentive scheme: (i) to key management personnel or an associate, within 5 business days of their cessation; (ii) to someone who is not key management personnel or an associate, within 10 business days of the end of the quarter in which the cessation occurred; (b) any other equity securities not otherwise notifiable to ASX under rule 3.8A, within 5 business days of their cessation; or (c) any quoted debt securities, within 5 business days of their cessation. The notification must be in the form of, or accompanied by, an Appendix 3H. Listing rule 3.8A requires an entity to notify ASX of the cessation of securities pursuant to a buy-back by giving ASX an Appendix 3H: • in the case of a minimum holding buy-back, within 5 business days of the completion of the buyback; or • in all other cases, within 5 business days of giving ASX the final notice for the buy-back.

End of Inside Information

Information and Explanation of the Issuer to this announcement:

About Dexus Dexus (ASX: DXS) is a leading Australasian fully integrated real asset group, managing a high-quality Australasian real estate and infrastructure portfolio valued at $57.1 billion. We believe that the strength and quality of our relationships will always be central to our success and are deeply connected to our purpose: Unlock potential, create tomorrow. We directly and indirectly own $15.8 billion of office, industrial, healthcare, retail and infrastructure assets and investments. We manage a further $41.3 billion of investments in our funds management business which provides third party capital with exposure to quality sector specific and diversified real asset products. The funds within this business have a strong track record of delivering performance and benefit from Dexus’s capabilities. The platform’s $16.9 billion real estate development pipeline provides the opportunity to grow both portfolios and enhance future returns. Our sustainability aspiration is to unlock the potential of real assets to create lasting positive impact and a more sustainable tomorrow, and is focused on the priorities of customer prosperity, climate action and enhancing communities. Dexus is supported by more than 35,000 investors from 22 countries. With four decades of expertise in real estate and infrastructure investment, funds management, asset management and development, we have a proven track record in capital and risk management and delivering returns for investors. Dexus Funds Management Ltd ABN 24 060 920 783, AFSL 238163, as Responsible Entity for Dexus (ASX: DXS)
Level 30, 50 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000  
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