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Quinto di Treviso, Italy - Upsolar Floating has been involved in the study, construction and installation of floating photovoltaic systems (FPV) since 2016, constantly investing in the research and development of new technologies in order to offer its customers the most efficient and performing solutions in the photovoltaic field.

10.05.2023 - 10:40:43

Floating gable solution: the Upsolar's new way for Floating PV energy

Among the ongoing Upsolar's projects there is the first 1MW floating photovoltaic plant in the Veneto region and other big projects in the rest of Italy and abroad.

In 2019 Upsolar Floating filed a patent at European level relating to the "gable" raft, a system of floating photovoltaic panels with a hut structure, made up of polyethylene pipes and steel beams, able to guarantee:

The floating PV system has been growing rapidly in recent years. Here are the main reasons:

Upsolar Floating was born in 2016 from the union of the experience and professionalism of two Italian companies: Upsolar System Italia, leader since 2010 in the production, design, development and installation of photovoltaic modules, targeting both the Italian and foreign markets, and Koinè Multimedia, which since 2008 studies, develops, implements and creates the best solutions in the field of floating photovoltaic energy.


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