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Messe Berlin GmbH

Berlin - Get ready for the second day of IFA 2020 Special Edition, September 4! Again, we present global brands, innovative products, insights and more to a global audience.

03.09.2020 - 20:27:28

Daily Preview Day 2 - IFA 2020 Special Edition

Berlin - Get ready for the second day of IFA 2020 Special Edition, September 4! Again, we present global brands, innovative products, insights and more to a global audience. We provide an overview of the programs of IFA Global Press Conference, IFA SHIFT Convention and IFA Innovation Engine, so that you won't miss any news.

IFA Global Press Conference

Media representatives can experience the latest products and services, press briefings and IFA keynotes live at the IFA Global Press Conference. This is the most efficient way to cover the technology stories audiences are interested in.

The second day of IFA 2020 Special Edition presents top industry players. Look forward to the latest developments in smartphones, smart home appliances, mobility and technology. The following global brands present themselves at IFA Global Press Conference on Friday:

- 09:30 a.m. Messe Berlin & GfK Opening: Jens Heithecker, Executive Vice President Messe Berlin Group, IFA Executive Director and Peter Feld, CEO GfK - 09:45 a.m. https://www.virtualmarket.ifa-berlin.de/en/Miele-Cie-KG,c72234 : Dr. Reinhard Zinkann, Gesch?ftsf?hrender Gesellschafter and Dr. Axel T. Kniehl, Gesch?ftsf?hrer Marketing und Vertrieb - 10:45 a.m. https://www.virtualmarket.ifa-berlin.de/en/Hyundai-Motor-Europe-GmbH,c627188 : Michael Cole, President and CEO Hyundai Motor Europe (video message) - 11:25 a.m. https://www.virtualmarket.ifa-berlin.de/en/HONOR,c627215 : George Zhao, President of HONOR and Ferhat Akbay, Head of Marketing HONOR Germany and Ali Qureshi, Product Manager HONOR UK - 12:25 p.m. https://www.virtualmarket.ifa-berlin.de/en/Realme-Chongging-Mobile- Telecommunications-Corp-Ltd,c626993 : Madhav Sheth, realme Vice President, CEO of realme Europe and India and Ash Bhopla, realme Sales Manager and Giang Cao, realme Social Manager - 01:25 p.m. Neato Robotics (https://www.virtualmarket.ifa-berlin.de/en/Neato-Robotics-Inc,c508721) : Thomas Nedder, CEO - 02:05 p.m. Shelly / Allterco Robotics (https://www.virtualmarket.ifa-berlin.de /en/Shelly-by-Allterco-Robotics,c626984) : Manish Pant, Executive Vice President - Home & Distribution Division and Christophe Melle, Vice President - Global Marketing - 02:45 p.m. Tuya Smart (https://www.virtualmarket.ifa-berlin.de/en/Hangzhou-Tuy a-Information-Technology-Co-Ltd,c516050) : Sven Buschmann / Head of Business Development Tuya Germany - 03:25 p.m. Ecovacs Robotics (https://www.virtualmarket.ifa-berlin.de/en/ECOVACS-ROBOTICS,c227679) : Dr. Anna Golovach, General Manager EMEA and Horst Hess, Product Innovation Manager EMEA - 03:05 p.m. https://www.virtualmarket.ifa-berlin.de/en/GfK,c517124 : Closing of the day by Sean O?Neil, Chief Product Officer

You can watch all press conferences online. See our instruction below.

The IFA Global Press Conference exhibition features booth presentations in the exhibition area. In addition to yesterday's list (https://b2b.ifa-berlin.com/en/ Press/PressReleases/News_81664.html?referrer=/en/Press/PressReleases/#news-en-81 664) , check out:

Bleu Jour - Jean Christophe Agobert, CEO: "On this difficult period many events were cancelled so when we learned that the IFA was being maintained we wished to maintain our presence. During the event we will proud to launch our new computers products line based on the new Intel NUC Element technology."

How to watch all Press Conferences (https://xtended.ifa-berlin.com/) online: Register for the IFA Xtended Space, log in and visit the IFA MAIN STAGE at IFA LIVE & VIDEO ON DEMAND. Full program and schedule (https://xtended.ifa-berlin.com/events/program) of the IFA Global Press Conference are also available in the Xtended Space

Attending on site? Please enter via the South Entrance of Messe Berlin. Stages, meeting and working spaces are located in Halls 1.2 - 4.2.

IFA Innovation Engine stage

IFA Innovation Engine stage delivers insights on timely topics like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and many more.

The morning of the second day on the Innovation Engine Stage at the CityCube, Messe Berlin, is dedicated to the retail experiences of the future. The IFA RETAIL NEXT session consists of several lectures and provides answers and forward-looking expert insights into challenges and opportunities of the ongoing transition of retail. Curated by the Stuttgart-based brand retail agency, Liganova IFA RETAIL NEXT features speakers of Framen, Vaust Studio, Jan B?rgers Design, Rooom, Kemmler Kemmler and Retail China.

IFA Innovation Engine presents the "Digital Start-Up Of The Year 2020" award ceremony of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. The award honors start-ups that have been particularly successful in implementing their ideas in a short time.

The second half of the day is dedicated to the Start-up Days , that focus upon female founders. The event explores the conditions that female entrepreneurs face and the opportunities that exist-. It also presents groundbreaking projects and zooms in on so-called Femtech.

For more information and live streams, check out IFA Innovation Engine at IFA Xtended Space (https://xtended.ifa-berlin.com/events/program) !

Attending on site? Please enter via CityCube Berlin Entrance Jaff?stra?e.

SHIFT Mobility Convention

SHIFT Mobility is a novel innovation convention that embarks on the fascinating journey into the future of mobility. Please note that the two-day event IFA SHIFT Convention takes place only on 3 and 4 September, 2020. Last chance to join one of the two sessions today!

Friday focuses on synergies and change processes. The first of the two sessions of the SHIFT Mobility Convention is entitled "Transformational Creativity - How to Navigate Mobility Industries Successfully Through Necessary Change". The second session of the day (and fifth session in the program of the SHIFT Mobility Convention) is dedicated to "Co-Innovation and Integration - New Synergies and Global Perspectives on the Mobility Market".

For more information and live streams, check out IFA SHIFT Mobility Convention at IFA Xtended Space (https://messe-berlin.de/cmsbs-restproxy/t/nl?t=ANONYMOUS.D JU9D.25FD8591BFF00FEFAC28CB30EB5F1A09&i=dju9t&d=https%3A%2F%2Fxtended.ifa-berlin .com%2F&h=726B077934F71C41B871A512E489CD84AA30CB7F) !

Attending on site? Please enter via CityCube Berlin Entrance Jaff?stra?e.

Need more? Check out IFA 2020 Special Editions Newsroom


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