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YAHAHA Studios (‘YAHAHA’) the community focussed user-generated content (UGC) metaverse, has today announced it has secured a Series A+ investment of USD 40M, as it prepares to take its platform to the next level.

15.11.2022 - 05:02:15

Creator-first UGC Metaverse YAHAHA, Raises USD 40M in Series A+ Funding Round to Launch the Platform to Exciting New Heights. The new funding round was led by Temasek and Alibaba and includes investment from 37 Interactive Entertainment. The raise will be used to further grow the YAHAHA product, community, headcount and ecosystem. Since launching Early Alpha in April 2022, YAHAHA has seen over 100,000 creators flock to its platform on PC and macOS, with hundreds of thousands of players enjoying its UGC games on the mobile app.

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