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WARC releases Marketer's Toolkit 2020

25.11.2019 - 09:44:20

WARC releases Marketer's Toolkit 2020. The definitive, evidenced-based and practical guide for marketers to plan for 2020 covering five key drivers of change: society, tech, economy, industry and policy

LONDON, Nov 25, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - WARC, the global authority on advertising and media effectiveness, has today released Marketer's Toolkit 2020, an annual report outlining the priorities, investment intentions and challenges facing brands in the year ahead with guidance on how to meet them.Cheryl Calverley, Chief Marketing Officer, Eve Sleep, says: "Most programmatic is brand-damaging in the way it ends up being executed.I'm really wary of addressable TV. From my point of view, TV is about driving fame, broadly, and fame is around massive collaborative experience. My problem with addressable TV is it massively fragments [audiences]."

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, Procter & Gamble, comments: "Context does matter. Different platforms have different usage experiences for the user. What we're working on is the ability to be able to engage people in every one of those [channels]. That's a new type of creativity."

Economy - The pivot back to brand

Brands are re-assessing how they balance their spending in response to a crisis of short-termism, and an over investment in performance marketing. This is set to be a major trend for 2020, though there are significant hurdles to increased brand building investment.

70% of marketers agree that brands have over-invested in performance at the expense of brand-building.

Tariq Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer, Petco, says: "It starts with a leadership point of view. It starts with viewing the word 'brand building' as about [more than] what marketing does, but rather about being a 'brand culture' as an organisation."

Bernd Pichler, Chief Marketing Officer, ICONIQ Motors, observes: "I don't start with choosing the media mix. I start with, "What does the brand stand for?" This has to be very crystal clear, and it has to be very authentic and credible."

The rapid growth of investment in online video is expected to continue, with Instagram and YouTube set to benefit and a significant number of brands spending on TikTok for the first time.

Search is also expected to be a focus for 2020, with Amazon's fast-growing advertising business set to benefit alongside Google.

Industry - Building brands in walled gardens

As digital platforms like Amazon and Alibaba grow ever-more influential, marketers are increasingly tasked with building brands within ecosystems over which they have no control, creating a growing reliance on 'walled gardens' that combine paid advertising and payment tech or e-commerce fulfilment.

23% of brands plan to increase adspend with Amazon in 2020, with only 3% of marketers anticipating a decrease in investment.

Ivan Pollard, Chief Marketing Officer, General Mills, comments: "It's not just about driving a sale in e-commerce... How do you make all of your marketing shoppable? The platforms absolutely offer an opportunity to make a sale, to build a brand, and to understand your consumer."

Experience will remain a buzzword in 2020, as marketers prioritise CX. Creative agencies and consultancies will battle to combine CX with brand thinking.

In-housing of adtech will continue as brands take charge of their data -- 34% of respondents say they will be managing more adtech in-house in 2020. In-housing of creativity remains a trend, but a significant minority of brands are putting more work out-of-house.

Gill Zhou, VP of Marketing, Communications and Citizenship, IBM China, notes: "Creativity is still very important, but those who learn about data, statistics and algorithms have become 'mainstream' marketers."

Policy - Privacy-first marketing

Data privacy is both a trend in regulation, and a growing consumer demand. As such, it is one of the most important global themes for marketers in 2020.

The implementation of stronger data protection rights will have significant implications for marketers. The introduction of the California Consumer Privacy Act in January 2020 is already forcing brands and media owners to look again at their data management practices.

While the new regulations change the data landscape, there are opportunities for brands to present themselves as 'privacy first' to consumers wary of how their data is being used.

86% of respondents to WARC's Marketer's Toolkit survey agree, or strongly agree that "big tech firms should be subject to greater regulation"; 66% of respondents strongly agree that consumers will take greater control of their data in 2020.

Jill Haskin, Chief Marketing Officer, The Hershey Company, says: "For us, a big part of it is "Do we agree with how our partners are using data?" We just want to get a lot more transparency from our partners... How are they keeping [data]?.. We want to have not [just] what's the legal thing but what we ethically think is right."

WARC's Marketer's Toolkit 2020 is available to download from lp.warc.com/marketers_toolkit_2020.html. More information from a deep-dive into each of the five chapters, available now to WARC subscribers, will follow over the coming weeks.

Two free-to-attend events to discuss trends from the Marketer's Toolkit will take place in London on 29 November (http://lp.warc.com/register-for-warc-event-marketers-toolkit-2020.html) and in New York on 12 December (lp.warc.com/register-for-trends-from-the-marketers-toolkit-event-nyc.html).

About WARC

- advertising evidence, insights and best practice

WARC provides the latest evidence, expertise and guidance to make marketers more effective. WARC's mission is to save the world from ineffective marketing.

WARC's clients include the world's largest brands, advertising and media agencies, media owners, research companies and universities. They rely on WARC for rigorous, unbiased information and advice on almost any advertising and marketing issue, which WARC delivers via best practice guides, case studies, research papers, special reports and advertising trend data, as well as via webinars, awards, events and advisory services.

WARC collaborates with more than 50 respected industry organisations globally including: The Advertising Research Foundation, Cannes Lions, Effie Worldwide, Association of National Advertisers, ESOMAR, 4A's, IPA and DMA.

WARC was founded in 1985, and has offices in the UK, US and Singapore. In July 2018, WARC became part of Ascential plc, the global specialist information company.

Source: WARC

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