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CFDs sind komplexe Instrumente und umfassen aufgrund der Hebelfinanzierung ein hohes Risiko, schnell Geld zu verlieren.

Computational, Fluid

Verne Global, provider of sustainable data center solutions for high intensity computing, today announced that Wirth Research, an engineering, design technology and advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) consultancy, has relocated its supercomputer to Verne Global’s data center campus in Iceland.

01.09.2021 - 12:00:20

Computational Fluid Dynamics Expert Wirth Research Turns to Verne Global to Go Carbon Zero. The move enables Wirth Research to analyse, optimise and verify the performance of designs for its industry customers with zero carbon cost.

delivers data center solutions for high intensity computing, engineered for optimal high performance compute and built upon 100% renewable energy. Our clean grid and stable climate cuts costs and energy usage, and our expert team provides on-site, around-the-clock support to maximise performance and flexibility for customer workloads.

Founded in 2012, our Icelandic data center campus powers some of the world’s most innovative and demanding industries, including financial services, earth sciences, life sciences, engineering, scientific research and AI.

About Wirth:

Founded by esteemed motorsport designer and former youngest-ever Fellow of the Royal Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Nick Wirth, Wirth Research’s mission is to make life more enjoyable and more sustainable through technology. They are able to make buildings better to live, work and shop in; to make vehicles more energy-efficient; and do all of this while providing our clients with a compelling return on their investment.

Their products include the EcoBlade™ – a twin-bladed strip fitted to the front of fridge shelves to reduce cold air being lost into the aisles, using the same techniques that channel airflow more efficiently around racing cars to enable them to corner at higher speeds. And the AirDoor, a mechatronic archway situated at a building’s entrance which uses an active, targeted airflow to improve internal comfort whilst also improving the building’s energy efficiency.

Wirth Research also specialises in the research, design and manufacture of cutting-edge engineering solutions. Recent projects have included Apple Inc.’s corporate headquarters, Apple Park in California, central London skyscraper 22 Bishopsgate and the award-winning Bloomberg European HQ – the world’s most sustainable office building – as well as helping multiple supermarket chains to substantially reduce their store energy usage and CO2 emissions.

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