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Twice a year all motorists face the same dilemma: can I still use my old tyres or should I buy new ones.

12.06.2018 - 16:05:27

Delticom AG/ Timely tyre replacement – warning signs. Many drivers do not know exactly what they should pay attention to while inspecting their tyres and making a purchase decision. Due to insufficient knowledge, motorists often risk their safety and wait with tyre replacement until their old tyres are literally coming apart. “It is crucial to remember that this query is not only of economical nature but, most importantly, it is a safety issue.

Damages appear

If drivers notice any cracks, blisters or bulges on their tyres, it is time to care for immediate replacement. Such damage can have dangerous consequences; it may, for example, trigger air-loss. Continuing to drive on a tyre that has a sidewall bulge should be out of the question. The structural integrity of the tyre has been significantly reduced, greatly increasing the likelihood of a sudden failure or blowout at highway speeds.

Vibrations and weird noises are audible

If car drivers hear any squeaks, squeals or ticks, they should visit the nearest workshop immediately. Weird noises may indicate uneven alignment or balancing problems. Ill-balanced wheels cause much faster tread wear of tyres on one side of the vehicle. The same goes for palpable vibrations of the car or the steering wheel. If car drivers feel some, they should not hesitate to seek advice of an expert and take tyre change seriously in consideration.

The tyres are aged

Tyre specialists advise a replacement after about six years. The rubber compound of older tyres begins to deteriorate. With time tyres lose their tightness and elasticity, which may lead to dangerous air leaks. Moreover, the maneuverability, grip and cornering performance of older tyres are greatly impaired, which may adversely affect safety and comfort of driving. Motorists should also remember that tyres age as well if they are not used or used only occasionally.

Time to buy new tyres

The tyre check-up suggests that it might be time to think of new tyres? Why not make the purchase as comfortable and quick as possible. At online stores such as customers can buy tyres and complete wheel sets almost effortlessly with just a few clicks. Here motorists will find a wide selection of over 100 tyre brands and 25,000 tyre models as well as more than 500,000 car parts and accessories. Tyres and complete wheels are highly available even in the peaks of the season and they can be delivered to the customer’s preferred address or to one of more than 9,000 partner fitting stations in Germany.


There are over 100 tyre brands and more than 25,000 models of tyres to be found at - also including the latest best-rated tyres from official comparison tests. The product portfolio not only includes tyres for cars, motorbikes, lorries, commercial vehicles and buses, but also wheel-tyre sets, rims and car replacement parts and accessories. Particularly practical: new tyres can be delivered quickly and free of charge* to any address provided. When purchasing tyres, buyers can also choose from more than 9,000 professional car workshop partners across Germany and have the tyres sent to them directly for professional fitting. Many of our partner workshops offer also additional services, such as tyre storage.

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