MINEO, Nanjing

The early stage global InvesTech startup MINEO signed an MOU with the Management Committee of Nanjing Baxia High-tech Industrial Development Zone to strengthen cooperation between China and Finland.

22.09.2022 - 06:04:31

MINEO and Nanjing City Sign MOU to Strengthen Cooperation Between China and Finland. The agreement engages both parties in promoting and collaborating in technological innovation, cultural exchange and bilateral economic and trade activities. The MOU was signed following the recent City of Helsinki and City of Nanjing Innovation and Technology Cooperation Forum, co-organised by Nanjing Overseas Collaborative Innovation Center (Helsinki, Finland), and Mr. Xin Wang, Senior Business Advisor at Helsinki Partners.

and Tanya Lee Moralez are co-founders of Hong Kong based Fenix TLS, MINEO and MINEO DOCS. The Moralez co-founder team are participants in the 90 Day Finn programme, organised by City of Helsinki owned Helsinki Partners.

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