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Bright, Initiative

The Bright Initiative, an organisation that focuses on using data for good, was joined last month by Microsoft Israel R&D Centre's Chief Scientist to lead an ethics workshop for the students and alumni of King’s College London.

03.11.2021 - 11:06:41

Bright Initiative Leads Data Ethics Session With King’s College London Students, is Joined by Microsoft Israel R&D Centre's Chief Scientist. The session formed part of the Bright Initiative’s extensive global education programme and took place during King’s College’s Focus on Technology, Engineering and Data Week 2021.

The Bright Initiative partners with top academic institutions worldwide to promote web transparency, fight social injustice, and encourage data-driven expertise through education and research.

During the session at King’s College London, Microsoft Israel R&D Centre's Chief Scientist, Dr. Tomer Simon, and Bright Data’s CEO, Or Lenchner, discussed the need for a global ethical framework to support the use of advanced automation tools and bots. The pair also fielded questions from students around the potential applications of bots in different business sectors and functions.

“These educational sessions are vital in helping future tech professionals understand complex and crucial ethical questions related to the use of emerging technologies,” explained Dr. Simon. “Since it’s now clear that automation is essential to driving forward today's real-time economy, it’s up to all of us in the business sector to create practical ethical guidelines that are available to all.”

“It was an honour to once again connect with the next generation of technology, engineering and data innovation talent,” said Or Lenchner. “Given that data and automation are now playing a core role in many organisations, it’s crucial to define clear ethical guidelines in this area as soon as possible. The brilliant students at King’s College had lots of great questions surrounding this subject! As the leading web data collection platform, Bright Data will continue working closely with our partners to spearhead critical research and support education in the areas of data and automation.”

To learn more and join the Bright Initiative visit: brightinitiative.com

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