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Tetris Pharma Ltd (“Tetris Pharma” or “the Company”), a subsidiary of biopharmaceutical company, Arecor Therapeutics plc (AIM: AREC), today announces the launch of Ogluo® (glucagon prefilled autoinjector pen) in Germany as a treatment for severe hypoglycaemia in children and adults living with diabetes.

01.11.2022 - 07:02:32

Tetris Pharma Launches Ogluo® in Germany

Ogluo® is a ready-to-use, ambiently stored, preparation of glucagon that has been specifically designed for patients living with diabetes with severe hypoglycaemia. There are an estimated 6.2 million adults living with diabetes in Germany (IDF Atlas 10th Edition).

Ogluo® pricing has today been published in the LAUER-TAXE®, the reference for all German pharmacies, insurers, and wholesalers. Full prescribing information can be found here. Today’s launch in Germany builds on the roll-out of Ogluo® in Great Britain. As part of the pan-European commercialisation programme, Tetris Pharma intends to commercialise Ogluo® in core European markets. The Company is currently in discussions with various health authorities across Europe to ensure timely launches in other major European countries.

Prof. Barbara Ludwig, Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus. Dresden, commented:

“The risk of severe hypoglycaemia can be frightening for people living with diabetes, as well as for family, friends and carers. With Ogluo® being made available in Germany, it gives people living with diabetes another ready-to-use option.”

Dr Shafiq Choudhary, Managing Director of Tetris Pharma, commented:

“With the launch of Ogluo® in Germany, Tetris Pharma has achieved a significant milestone through the commercialisation of our flagship product. A severe hypoglycaemic event can be very frightening, not only for the patients, but for those around them who have to act quickly. The launch of Ogluo® means that patients living with diabetes in Germany who may experience severe hypoglycaemia will now have a new option to tackle those events. We look forward to expanding our reach within Europe over the coming months to bring this new treatment to people living with diabetes.”

Notes to Editors

Tetris Pharma, a subsidiary of Arecor Therapeutics plc, is a commercial-stage specialty pharmaceutical company with expertise in registering, marketing, sales and the distribution of speciality hospital products across the UK and Europe. Our experienced team has a proven history of building and growing sales. Having secured distribution rights for already licensed products across Europe, we have a portfolio of niche injectable products including Ogluo®, a ready-to-use glucagon for emergency use to treat hypoglycaemia. We collaborate with partners to provide patients with effective treatments and quality healthcare by ensuring we deliver accountability, partnership and performance.

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