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SpectrumX, a UK-based healthcare and pharmaceutical company, today announces that it has signed a start-up agreement with an experienced leader with a strong background in conducting human challenge trials in infectious and respiratory diseases, to support the Company in the design and execution of a Phase I clinical trial for drug candidate SPX-001.

20.09.2022 - 10:02:44

SpectrumX Reaches Partnership Agreement on Human Volunteer Study for Ground-breaking Respiratory Infection Drug Candidate SPX-001. The revolutionary therapy, based on SpectrumX’s licensed SPC-069 technology, is a hypochlorous acid (HOCl)-based nebulised treatment with broad-spectrum antipathogenic properties that has the potential to treat respiratory infections.

to begin the process of manufacturing the product for trials.

These steps are critical milestones to launching the Phase 1b clinical trial with healthy volunteers, currently planned to start in March 2023, subject to necessary regulatory and ethics committee approvals.

Damien Hancox, Chief Executive Officer of SpectrumX, said: “We are delighted to have signed this agreement. We couldn’t have chosen a better partner, given their impressive credentials and extensive history in conducting and executing trials, to help deliver our first clinical trial results. This is a crucial step towards advancing our drug candidate to market authorisation and fulfilling our mission to treat patients impacted by debilitating respiratory infections.”

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About SpectrumX

SpectrumX is a UK-based healthcare and pharmaceuticals company focused on bringing to market a ground-breaking respiratory infection therapy and the roll-out of the most powerful hand sanitiser in the world to the NHS and other healthcare clients. Both products utilise unique patent pending HOCl formulations. HOCl is naturally occurring in human white blood cells and is a key contributor in the immune response to infection. HOCl also has direct killing activity against bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is well-tolerated in humans while also being the most effective known disinfectant when used on surfaces. For more on SpectrumX, visit www.spectrumx.com.

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