Smartsheet’s, Inaugural

Smartsheet (NYSE:SMAR), the enterprise platform for modern work management, today released its first annual Future of Work Management Report which surveyed thousands of global employees about project and process management at their workplaces.

24.01.2023 - 15:07:44

Smartsheet’s Inaugural Future of Work Management Report Uncovers Resource Recession Across Global and UK Organisations, Need for Support and Technology to Initiate Resource Revolution. The results show that 96% of respondents manage projects regardless of their role or formal project management training, indicating a global resource recession where traditional roles are no longer what drive work. The survey revealed an opportunity for leaders to move from a resource recession to a resource revolution by focusing on their people and implementing the right technology.

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Report Methodology

The Smartsheet Future of Work Management Report survey was conducted in September 2022 by Wakefield Research among 8,000 employed adults aged 18-74, who work at companies with a minimum of 50 employees, evenly distributed among the following markets: United States, UK, Australia, and DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). All respondents self-reported that they engage, in some capacity, in project-based work, as defined as “projects that have a beginning and an end.” These project professionals—who represent about 60% of the adult employed audience who work in companies with 50+ employees—span a wide range of industries from IT and business services, to healthcare and pharma, to banking and finance, and construction and manufacturing and a wide range of titles and levels within their organisations.