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Chinas, Environmentally

Recently, "R&D and Industrialization of Holographic Energy Saving System, an environmentally-friendly automobile energy saving balance system", sponsored by China High-tech Industrialization Research Association and applied by Guangzhou Future New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., has successfully passed the evaluation of national scientific and technological achievements with its leading technical level.

05.07.2021 - 04:23:30

China's Environmentally Friendly Automotive Energy Saving Balance System Reached the Leading Level in China

According to Du Junhua, Chairman of Guangzhou Future New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., the energy-saving balance system of environment-friendly automobile consists of four parts: energy-saving chip, energy-saving earthworm, energy network and Hologhraphic liquid water. It is installed on the automobile without changing the original circuit of the automobile and replacing any parts in the automobile. It can also improve many performances of the automobile synchronously and orderly, and reduce the carbonization reaction caused by insufficient combustion, so that the automobile can achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection under orderly balance. Tested by the National Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the system not only meets the standard requirements of exhaust pollutant emission for multi-purpose passenger cars starting at normal temperature, but also has obvious effects on fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission of light vehicles.

The evaluation committee considers that the technology has independent intellectual property rights and the technical level reaches the domestic leading level. It has important significance and significant economic and social benefits, and has broad application prospects. Therefore, the evaluation committee unanimously agreed that it passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements.

The project of "Environmentally friendly automotive energy-saving balance system - the development and industrialization of holographic energy-saving system" has successfully passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements, which has laid a solid foundation for Guangzhou Future New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to enhance the core competitiveness of scientific and technological innovation and achieve sustainable development, which marked a new breakthrough in China's automotive energy saving technology field and would greatly promote the energy saving and intelligent development of the global automotive industry.

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