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Pengmen, International

Pengmen International based in the Chinese capital, is combining health and beauty, using ancient Chinese medicine and modern technology to turn rare and expensive red sandalwood into natural beauty products.

18.11.2019 - 01:53:35

Pengmen International Uses Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Technology to Make Red Sandalwood Natural Beauty Products. The company is trying to simplify the product, which can be used in everyday life to make people feel younger. Even more surprising, the company is trying to get more people to use the product at a affordable price.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20191117005076/en/

Pengmen International utilise la médecine traditionnelle chinoise et la technologie moderne pour fabriquer des produits de beauté naturels en bois de santal rouge (Graphic: Business Wire)

Health preservation medicine was invented by the Chinese thousands of years ago. In China's imperial palaces, emperors used a rare spice called sandalwood to the extreme, even making tables and chairs for their use. This rare ingredient is used in the top products of France's world-famous brands Chanel and Hermes.

Now, Pengmen International has turned the extremely rare red sandalwood used only by emperors into cosmetics. "Qian Li Mu" brand cleverly uses the integration of eastern Chinese medicine and western modern lifestyle to create "cosmetics" that can not only make people beautiful. Red sandalwood cream, which is said to have been copied from an ancient Chinese palace recipe more than 1,000 years ago (in the Tang Dynasty), can make people younger with daily cleaning. They also made red sandalwood into lipsticks and skin care products, which can remove spots and smooth wrinkles. Even Nobel winner Dr. Murad's Nitric oxide technology was used to combine with wild rosewood to produce a "skin lotion" . "From royalty to family, from emperors to us" is the company's vision, which ultimately serves the global public.

In addition, the company also combined French red wine and red sandalwood, brewing the unique red sandalwood dry red, known as the tree of life. This dry red is beneficial to the protection of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular cells and clean, can fight aging and prevent tumors.

It has been found that pterostilbene is the best natural plant antioxidant found so far and is being used in anti-tumor and anti-aging research in western countries. But natural red sandalwood has a limited stock and is internationally regulated, so these cosmetics made of red sandalwood may end up being available to a very small number of people.

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