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HES, FinTech

Ondato and HES FinTech, two major European technology vendors, today announced a strategic partnership to reach synergy in assisting financial organizations on their way to digital transformation.

23.03.2021 - 12:02:27

HES FinTech and Ondato are Now Partners to Promote Digital Onboarding in Banking and Finance

is used for automated loan origination and loan servicing by SME lending and consumer lending, POS lending, and P2P marketplaces. The company provides end-to-end solutions: from UI/UX of websites and customer portals to AI-based credit scoring and highly functional back-office powered with CRM, BPM engines, dashboards, and reporting.

Ondato digital identity verification provides a comprehensive compliance management suite related to KYC. The lending industry is just one example of how Ondato helps businesses seamlessly and invisibly meet compliance requirements. The startup has extensive expertise in photo and video identity verification, risk management, screening, and data monitoring. The solutions are implemented in fintech, banking, insurance, legal, shared economy, and other industries.

What is special about this partnership?

The partnership of these tech companies is going to be beneficial for their customers and for the software industry as a whole:

HES and Ondato follow a one-stop-shop trend: banks and fintechs can now experience fast and effortless integration of compliance management with configurable loan origination software.The partnership of technology vendors that provide better customer experience, automation, and security in financial services is potent to switch the software market focus from competition to collaboration. It allows building financial ecosystems and reducing the time-to-market of new financial platforms and products.

“It’s my pleasure to announce that HES FinTech started a partnership with Ondato. Most of our customers search for fast and seamless integration with KYC to power up their business. We are happy to expand our domain knowledge with the technologies under the KYC/AML compliance” - said Ivan Kovalenko, CEO, and Co-Founder of HES FinTech.

“We are looking forward to discovering new opportunities together with HES. They are experts in lending software and AI/ML-based decision-making solutions. Our major goal is to help lenders scale up their activities and create value for end-customers. They all can take the advantage of hassle-free customer onboarding and fast loan decisions”, - said Liudas Kanapienis, founder and Chief Executive of Ondato.

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