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Multinational construction consultancy firm, Linesight, issued a report today on the build-to-rent (BTR) sector in Ireland, and is hosting a breakfast briefing for industry stakeholders to discuss the issues around the development of this asset class.

06.11.2018 - 08:01:33

Linesight Highlights Increasingly Important Role of Build-to-Rent in Addressing Ireland’s Housing Shortage. The panel will include experts from Linesight, Future Analytics Consulting, LIV Consult and Tom Philips + Associates. Linesight has broken its report down into sections; analysing the supply-demand, demographic and socioeconomic factors supporting the BTR sector in Ireland, considering the factors impacting the costs and delivery of BTR, and capturing the results of conversations with key industry stakeholders. Linesight has drawn on data from its considerable sector experience, currently providing consulting services on nearly 7,000 BTR units in the Greater Dublin Area (GDA) to date.

“Despite the challenges that the BTR sector faces, our research indicates that there is a fundamental desire to build this asset class in Ireland at scale, with pension and insurance funds constituting the largest national and international investors in the sector. BTR is seen to be a relatively stable and sustainable investment area, and while rents will adjust as supply increases in the coming years, there will simply be additional emphasis on factors that are already key areas of focus, such as product quality, location and amenities. The enthusiasm for the production of this report has reiterated to us the sector’s potential and viability, and ultimately, all signs point to the BTR sector being a significant opportunity for multiple interested parties, both at home and abroad,” said Richard Joyce, Managing Director, Linesight Ireland.


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