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MLILY takes the concern for reality, concern for body and mind, and care for sleep as starting point, focusing on innovation and R&D of zero pressure sleep technology, dedicated to creating a restful, rejuvenating sleep environment for people's body and mind, and bringing quality deep sleep to customers worldwide.

10.03.2023 - 12:29:21

MLILY: Focusing on Innovation and R&D of Zero Pressure Sleep Technology

MLILY integrates the manufacture of mattresses and other sleep products with the goal of helping people get better deep sleep, and has been focusing on the research and improvement of mattress materials.

Deep sleep requires a good mattress. The human spine is a natural S-shaped physiological curvature, and a mattress too hard or too soft, can not fit the body curve well, which leads to sleep disorders, body pain, and even spinal distortion.

Mattress if too hard, the human body will feel the reverse pressure from the mattress, the spine and muscles are in a stiff and tense state, which will increase the number of turnovers, so that the deep sleep cycle length is shortened. And one may easily feel body aches and pains after wake up. If the mattress is too soft, the support force is not enough which will cause the body subsidence and lead to excessive bending of the spine to bear the tension from the mattress. It is unfavorable to falling asleep and sleeping, and the body can not get relaxation and rest throughout the night.

MLILY’s zero pressure sleep technology, can give the human body uniformly support, sense the human body shape and weight, contour to the shape of the body, comprehensively absorb and evenly distribute body weight, and maintain the natural physiological curvature of the spine when sleeping, which makes the pressure felt by the body and the mattress contact parts close to zero, thus bringing zero-pressure comfortable sleep. And it can indirectly reduce the frequency of turning and muscle activity during sleep, so that the body and mind can more quickly and easily fall asleep and get into a deep sleep to improve deep sleep quality.

Mental stress is relieved through 8 hours of sleep, and physical stress is released through zero pressure sleep technology. March 21 is World Sleep Day, and MLILY hopes that everyone who is busy with life can take off their stress, get a good sleep and wake up every energetic day.