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MGID, a global ad network specializing in native advertising, has announced its strategy towards increasing its market share in India in 2019.

08.10.2018 - 05:31:40

MGID, A Global Native Advertising Network, is Entering the Indian Market

to name a few, the company is ready to introduce its in-house native solution to the advertising agencies.

“We are very much interested in the Indian market, less saturated than the English-speaking ones, yet very lucrative, with large internal demand for new digital marketing tools. We are the ones offering these tools”, said Sergii Denysenko, MGID CEO. “MGID’s non-intrusive native ad solutions provide a value-added experience to the target audience, engage it with the brand’s ad content and, consequently, expand brand awareness”, Denysenko adds.

MGID aims to further expand its reach in the Indian market next year: attending industry’s major conferences, sharing many years of expertise and outside-the-box digital advertising solutions.

About MGID

MGID is a global innovative pioneer in native advertising. Since its foundation in 2008 the company has become a leading content discovery platform targeting 850 million unique readers with 165 billion recommendations monthly.

MGID helps publishers to retain users on their sites and monetize their traffic; connects brand marketers and advertisers to their target audience through personalized content recommendations, and consequently, drives revenue growth for all participants of the native advertising ecosystem.