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Merrill, Lynch

Merrill Lynch International & Co.

29.09.2021 - 16:44:39

Merrill Lynch International & Co. C.V. Files Half-Yearly Financial Report. C.V. today informs its security holders that its Half-Yearly Financial Report for the period ended June 30, 2021, together with the general partner's interim report, has been filed with the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, the Officially Appointed Mechanism of Luxembourg, Merrill Lynch International & Co. C.V.’s home Member State.

Merrill Lynch International & Co. C.V. makes available free of charge on the website referred to below its Annual and Half-Yearly Financial Reports filed with the Luxembourg Stock Exchange as soon as reasonably practicable after Merrill Lynch International & Co. C.V. electronically files these documents with the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. These documents are posted on Bank of America Corporation’s website at http://investor.bankofamerica.com/financial-information/subsidiary-and-country-disclosures#fbid=C0rA-iMt6oC.

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange maintains a website that contains reports and other information that issuers are required to file with it. These materials may be obtained electronically by accessing the Luxembourg Stock Exchange’s home page at http://www.bourse.lu/Accueil.jsp

Copies of the above referenced information will also be made available, free of charge, by calling +1 904.987.1360 or upon written request to:

Merrill Lynch International & Co. C.V.
Kaya W.F.G. (Jombi)
Mensing 36

@ businesswire.com