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Taiwan, ICT

MCI Group Taiwan India Spain South Korea Hong Kong

18.11.2020 - 02:07:50

30+ companies from the Taiwan ICT industry now live on virtual platform, reveal how they are boosting their solutions for smart cities

About Industrial Development Bureau (IDB)

Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) is the administrative agency of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan. IDB serves the role to formulate industrial policies, and to oversee various industries including metal & mechanical, information technology, consumer goods & chemical, knowledge services, as well as sustainable development in Taiwan. Particularly, IDB is the governing agency for the Smart City Taiwan initiative. The initiative aims at utilizing all types of smart technologies (such as IoT, Big Data and AI) to effectively integrate local, industry, and civilian needs. With support from the central government, collaboration and integration between local governments and industry stakeholders have resulted in many fruitful accomplishments. 

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Indoor Positioning and AR Navigation Solution: AR technology to accurately guides travellers to the destination more intuitively adding a new dimension to shopper’s experience.

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