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Matchis, Foundation

K2 Matchis Foundation England

07.10.2020 - 14:02:55

Matchis Foundation Improves Life-Saving Stem Cell Donation Processes with K2

has enabled the Matchis Foundation to drive operational efficiencies at many different stages in the administrative process. For example, the K2 solution can help the foundation potentially save 12 days per month, depending on the number of donor requests received, by automating and streamlining the entire process from discussing the donation procedure and risks with the matched donor to setting up medical examinations and hospital appointments.

"K2 enables us to process an increasing number of stem cell donor requests with the same sized team and help more patients to receive life-saving stem cell replacement treatments," said Karin Butter, donor services team leader at Matchis Foundation.

K2 has been implemented across two Matchis Foundation sites in the Netherlands. The K2 solution automatically generates all the necessary forms for matched donors, creates checklists of tasks and highlights the most urgent steps that the donor services team needs to complete. The Matchis team has complete transparency into the status of donor requests and can share information efficiently to make sure that matched donors can donate their stem cells quickly to patients in life-threatening situations.

"We are proud to partner with Indocs to help the Matchis Foundation streamline its processes and provide transparency across all activities," said Andrew Murphy, vice president, EMEA at K2. "Our primary focus is to help the organization drive operational efficiencies so the donor services team can spend less time on administration and more time preparing donors to help save lives."

With K2, the Matchis Foundation can ensure all administrative steps are completed correctly, without human error, in accordance with Dutch legislation, EU Directives and the global identification, screening and testing regulations for stem cell donations set by the World Marrow Donor Association. K2 has helped Matchis improve collaboration amongst the team by enabling team members to have access to real-time information, work in a standardized way and share documentation more easily.

The K2 donor services solution was developed for the Matchis Foundation by Indocs, a K2 partner based in the Netherlands. Indocs is now developing a further K2 donor case management solution for the organization, using K2 , which is expected to deliver additional efficiency improvements. 

Jeroen Geijtenbeek, Director of Indocs, says: "Time is of vital importance in finding the right stem cell donor, and we are delighted to have been able to help Karin and her team process more stem cell requests in the time available to them. Matchis now has a solid and future-proof platform for donor services and we are continuing to work with the organization to help it further develop this solution.  We are very grateful to have the opportunity to support Matchis in its great work and are proud of the results that have been achieved through this collaboration."

To learn more about how Matchis Foundation is using K2, read the Case Study.

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About Indocs
Indocs is an IT consultancy in the Netherlands that specializes in digitizing and automating business processes to improve business efficiency.  Founded in 2002, the organization is a well-established K2 partner that has delivered innovative apps and mobile solutions for customers in multiple industry sectors.

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