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It is beneficial for employers to provide greater flexibility and autonomy to their workforces, as 40% of workers report that they are experiencing burnout.

10.11.2022 - 15:58:16

International SOS Foundation: Flexibility Key for the Modern Workforce, as 40% of Workers Report Burnout. That is according to research findings from the International SOS Foundation and Affinity Health at Work1. Affinity Health at Work is a specialist consultancy and one of the research groups contracted by the WHO Steering Group to perform the supporting evidence work for WHO guidelines on mental health at work, recently published in September 2022.

and the second in 2021 explored the psychological implications of remote rotational work.

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1 An evidence-based-practice approach was taken to the research, using evidence from a number of sources – academic literature, practitioner literature, the local context, experts and those affected (in this case employees working a range of working patterns). Evidence from these three stages was then combined to develop the most accurate picture on which to base recommendations. 1,069 responses were received for the survey portion of the research. Results were analysed in order to gain further insights into the experience, needs and expectations of hybrid workers in terms of management of wellbeing.