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International investment fund Bonum Capital has announced it is buying 16% of shares in PJSC Koks, Russia’s largest producer of merchant coke and one of the cleanest coke plants in the world, from a minority shareholder.

21.12.2021 - 09:04:02

Bonum Capital Buys Into Russia’s Largest Merchant Coke Producer PJSC Koks. The deal is a financial investment for Bonum Capital, and the fund is considering several strategies regarding the stake. The deal’s value is not revealed.

Bonum Capital’s acquisition of a minority stake provides new opportunities for PJSC Koks to expand its business effectively and rapidly. The deal is part of Bonum Capital strategy on investment in perspective companies in strategically attractive sectors.

Earlier, Bonum Capital invested in Segezha Group, Tsvetnoi Central Market, Vozrozhdenie Bank, Inter Forest holding and others, all resulting in strong financial returns.

Bonum Capital Founder and Owner Murat Aliev commented:

“We believe that PJSC Koks is a leading and one of the most promising players in the metals industry in Russia, and we see great prospects for effective growth, taking the company to a whole new level.

Bonum Capital’s acquisition of a stake in PJSC Koks marks the end of a period of uncertainty in the company’s shareholder structure, enabling top management to focus on developing the business and opening new opportunities for capitalisation growth.

Bonum Capital supports the company’s current management team in their ambition to create an industry leader, their efforts to achieve sustainable growth in operating efficiency, and the consistent implementation of environmental, social and resource-saving programmes. In the medium term, we believe the company has potential to expand into international capital markets.”

About Bonum Capital:

Bonum Capital is an investment group founded in 2013 in Moscow. The company’s founder and sole owner is Murat Aliev. Bonum Capital invests in various assets including international public markets, private equity, venture capital and real estate in Russia. The company’s primary business is proprietary investing on public markets with focus on long-term concentrated positions. Bonum Capital has been involved in all major recent CIS IPOs, including OZON,, Segezha Group, Fix Price and United Medical Group (EMC). Bonum Capital has expertise in purchasing and developing distressed assets with high potential for value growth, including through synergies with other assets of industry players.