Never, Reveal

Have you ever been reluctant to disclose your personal email address to an outsider, not knowing what they might do with it? Perhaps you have been persuaded to do so in return for a discount coupon or special offer, and then regretted it when the unwanted email started to arrive.

12.09.2018 - 08:05:37

Never Reveal Your Personal Email Address to an Outsider Again. Perhaps you created a secondary email account to use for such purposes, but eventually had to abandon it when the flood of unwanted email rendered it unusable.

All email sent to a ManyMe address undergoes rigorous security filtering before being forwarded to the user’s primary address, in any email system, so the user doesn’t have to manage another inbox. With simple features like “Track” and “Instant Unsubscribe,” ManyMe informs users when an address spreads to new senders and gives them a simple way to shut off unwanted email completely.

By using a different identity at every site, ManyMe prevents hackers from using the credentials for one account to compromise other accounts, too. This approach also helps protect users from “phishing attacks,” in which hackers pose as a trusted party in hopes of luring the user into taking action that compromises an account or reveals sensitive information.

“Virtually everything people do online is tracked by someone,” said David Hughes, ManyMe’s cofounder. “If you seek a degree of freedom from this surveillance economy, don’t reveal your personal email address, disclose a ManyMe address instead.”

ManyMe provides the only other email address you’ll ever need. To learn more and create a free account, please visit

About provides an easy-to-use cloud service that brings corporate-strength security tools and best practices to individuals everywhere for stronger privacy, security, control and awareness in their digital lives. The service includes a wide range of capabilities to help protect users from hackers and their malicious intent. ManyMe respects the privacy of its users and does not sell their data. ManyMe is a trademark of Raven Fly, Inc.