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Gazelle Wind Power (Gazelle), the developer of a hybrid modular floating offshore wind platform, has agreed to take a controlling stake in Spanish-based naval architect and marine consulting firm Faustino Carceller, S.L. (F.

10.05.2023 - 10:02:42

Gazelle Wind Power Acquires Naval Engineering Firm F. Carceller. Carceller). Gazelle’s shipbuilding approach for construction creates synergies for both companies, making this acquisition a practical fit to help the company accelerate the technical development of its floating offshore wind platform.

to work together on a pilot project in Portugal, as well as further enhancements to the design of its third-generation floating offshore wind platform technology, which utilizes shipbuilding industry processes for sourcing materials, construction, assembly, and transport.

PHOTO: Gazelle CEO Jon Salazar and F. Carceller CEO Pablo Carceller shake hands at the official signing ceremony

About Gazelle Wind Power

Gazelle Wind Power Limited is unlocking the massive deep-water offshore wind market to achieve global decarbonisation. The company’s durable, disruptive hybrid floating platform with a high stability attenuated pitch surmounts the current barriers of buoyancy and geographic limitations while reducing costs and preserving fragile marine environments. The company is based in Dublin and has a presence in Dubai, London, Madrid, Paris, and Texas. For more information, visit

About F. Carceller

F. Carceller is a Spanish-based naval architecture, engineering, and consulting firm with more than three decades of expertise in ship design, retrofits, and stability test services. Carceller is a trusted provider to shipowner and shipyard clients in the fishing and maritime industries and is majority owned by floating offshore wind platform technology developer Gazelle Wind Power. For more information, visit