Sealegs, Granted

Future Mobility Solutions is pleased to announce that in the copyright infringement matter before the High Court of New Zealand between its wholly owned subsidiary, Sealegs International Limited and, inter alia, Orion Marine Limited, Darren Leybourne, Smuggler Marine Limited, Yun Zhang and David Pringle, that the judgement has been delivered in favour of Sealegs.

13.07.2018 - 10:41:30

Sealegs Granted by Court of New Zealand a Permanent Injunction

Sources and investigative research clearly indicate there was premeditated desire to copy Sealegs Patented Amphibious Technology.

“We welcome competition in the market but we will not stand by and watch unlawful business practices such as stealing or copying patented technology ” said Mark Broadley FMS CEO.

The court has granted Sealegs a permanent injunction against the defendants and has determined that costs and damages are also due. A further hearing will be heard in this respect.