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Following the Competition Appeal Tribunal judgment on 31 August 2022, which confirmed that consumer champion Liz Coll is authorised to bring an opt-out collective claim against Google for alleged infringements relating to Google’s Play Store, the Tribunal has now determined that class members and potential class members have until 28 November 2022 to either opt-out of the claim, if they do not wish to be part of the class represented by Liz Coll; or, for those who meet the class definition but were not living or domiciled in the UK on 12 July 2022, to opt-in to the claim.

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Hausfeld & Co LLP: Collective Proceedings Order: Important Dates Relating to the Rights of Class Members in the Consumer Claim Bought by Liz Coll Against Google for Almost £1 Billion in Relation to the App Payments in the Google Play Store

dated 31 August 2022.

The Tribunal has now also made the collective proceedings order, which confirms its decision in July and the judgment in August, to certify the claim, which sets out the full scope of the class of claimants she represents, and important rights for those claimants.

Class members: Who is eligible

Any UK user of an Android smartphone or tablet who purchased paid apps, paid subscriptions or made other in-app purchases within the UK version of the Google Play Store at any point since October 1, 2015 is potentially entitled to compensation from Google for its anti-competitive practices. The purchases must have been made on an Android smartphone or tablet on which the Google Play Store was pre-installed. If a user did not have to download the Google Play Store, it is likely it was pre-installed.

All such purchasers who were living in the UK on 18 July 2022 are automatically included within the claimant class. Device users can check their eligibility for compensation by logging into their Play Store or Google account and checking their “Payments and subscriptions” or “Order history” and the country listed under “Account and device preferences”.

Individuals or businesses who are included in the class and would like to be excluded can do so by notifying Liz Coll of that decision by 28 November 2022. Individuals or businesses who meet the criteria of the class but were not living in or domiciled in the UK on 18 July 2022 may join the claim by likewise informing Liz Coll of that decision by 28 November 2022.

For any updates and for further information, including how to opt-out or opt-in to the claim, please visit:

Further information for claimants

The legal claim applies to purchases of popular apps on Android smartphones and tablets, which require payment at point of download, subscription payments, or allow for in-app purchases of digital goods or services. It does not apply to apps providing physical goods or services that will be consumed outside of the app. These include Deliveroo and Uber, which are not required to use Google’s payments system or pay Google the disputed 30% commission.

Affected app purchasers, on whose behalf the class action is brought, will not pay costs or fees to participate in this legal action, which is being funded by Vannin Capital, a global litigation funder. The action is insured, which means that class members have no financial risk in relation to the claim.

Liz Coll is represented by Lesley Hannah, Luke Streatfeild, Sofie Edwards, Kio Gwilliam, Anna Stellardi and Antonio Delussu at law firm Hausfeld & Co. LLP, with barristers Ronit Kreisberger KC and Michael Armitage from Monckton Chambers, Mark Hoskins KC, Jennifer MacLeod and Matthew Kennedy from Brick Court Chambers, Tristan Jones from Blackstone Chambers, and George McDonald from 4 New Square. She has also instructed expert economist Derek Holt from AlixPartners UK LLP.

Liz Coll is also advised on the claim by a consultative group with expertise and experience in competition and consumer law and payments regulation. This group consists of Sir Gerald Barling, former President of the Competition Appeal Tribunal; Dr Christine Riefa, an academic specialising in consumer law; and Aidene Walsh, an Executive Director at Banking Competition Remedies and a Non-Executive Director of the Payment Systems Regulator.

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