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Dingbats, Notebooks

Dingbats* Notebooks Ltd are proud to announce their partnership with WWF, whereby the company is donating 2% of its UK revenue to support WWF’s conservation efforts.

12.06.2019 - 11:01:23

Dingbats* Notebooks Ltd is Donating 2% of its Revenue to WWF-UK

Dingbats*, a handmade eco-friendly brand of notebooks, is represented by ornamental animal motifs or ‘Dingbats’ on their covers and hold both the FSC and Vegan certifications. To date, Dingbats* remains the sole holder of the Vegan certification meaning that no animals contents are used in their production. The materials used are not only eco-friendly, but also renowned for their second to none quality and luxurious fountain pen proof coated paper.

Their Wildlife Collection celebrates endangered animals of all types – from elephants to ducks, and whales to. Their newer Earth Collection highlights fragile ecosystems from around the globe threatened by human activity with infographic spreads of each endangered natural park. The collections have endless features to satisfy the recently popular Bullet Journaling community. They also come in multiple size formats and colours, making them perfect for sketching, note taking, and doodling so you can plan your next masterpiece or keep track of your daily targets and progress with ease.

Since their launch in 2016, Dingbats* is now available in both online and brick and mortar shops in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Lebanon.

The Co-founder of the brand, Mo, is a descendant (fifth generation) of the oldest company in Lebanon, Société Kamel Bekdache et Fils Sal (est. 1800) with a very long history of paper trade in the Middle East region. He started the company in 2016 after having done his Master’s at the University of Warwick and worked at both Amazon UK and Rolls-Royce plc.

Note to Editors:

Website: www.dingbats-notebooks.com

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For more information or high resolution images please contact Mo Bekdache at mo@dingbats-notebooks.com

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