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Corsight, Launches

Corsight AI New York

17.11.2020 - 14:03:06

Corsight AI Launches Real-Time Facial Recognition Technology that Accurately Identifies Individuals at an Unmatched Speed Under Any Condition

for existing facial recognition technologies, resulting in incorrect identifications. However, now with the commercial availability of Corsight's facial recognition technology, accurate facial recognition is possible, regardless of if a person is wearing a protective face covering.

"In today's unusual environment, there is no higher priority than protecting citizens around the world from harm," said Rob Watts, CEO of Corsight. "We have developed a silver bullet with this technology, proving that facial recognition technology is a force for good. From helping identify dementia patients to protecting victims of domestic abuse, our technology, thanks to its speed and accuracy, can help change not only how organizations currently leverage facial recognition, but how society perceives it, too. We want to change the narrative surrounding the technology and help demonstrate how community-based deployment can be positive for all."

In addition to real-time detection, Corsight's technology also provides local law enforcement, transportation and government agencies, airports, retail outlets, banks and more with forensic video analysis that can analyze hours of video in minutes. Investigators receive a comprehensive summary of the person of interest's actions and locations that can help inform next steps in the investigations.

For more information about Corsight AI, please visit www.corsight.ai

About Corsight AI
Corsight AI, a leading facial recognition technology provider, is dedicated to creating a game-changing facial recognition technology with unrivaled speed and accuracy. The technology is powered by Autonomous AI, the most advanced artificial intelligence system with more than 250 patents. Corsight AI works with government agencies and companies in a variety of sectors, including law enforcement, aviation, retail, entertainment, and more.

Corsight AI is jointly headquartered in the United States and UK, with R&D offices in Israel. For more information, please visit www.corsight.ai and follow us on LinkedIn.

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