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Less, Paper

Constructing a power plant requires seamless end-to-end documentation, which can include thousands of technical documents.

14.06.2019 - 11:01:29

Less Paper, More Efficiency: Manage Power Plant Construction Sites on a Tablet. The new mobile app “DocuPilot4PG” by Siemens Energy Solutions ensures optimal and cost-effective coordination of large-scale construction sites. Fabasoft was chosen to be its development partner: “It was the Fabasoft Cloud’s skilled representatives, rapid project delivery and extensive safety certifications, that convinced us to go with them,” explained Anke Kunze, project manager for the Gas and Power Operating Company at Siemens Energy Solutions.

“Using our mobile app, construction site overseers can edit checklists, view plans and make changes in them straight away, directly from their tablet. And it just takes a few clicks to insert comments or change the status of documents,” explains Andreas Dangl, Managing Director of Fabasoft Austria GmbH. “The required data is synchronised automatically on the tablet, from the ‘Siemens Cloud Collaboration’ in the Fabasoft Cloud.” This avoids using older versions of plans and significantly reduces the amount of paper used. So we can proudly say that we are “up to date – anywhere – anytime”!

Download the case study: Siemens AG - Digitised coordination of construction sites in the Cloud

About Fabasoft

Fabasoft, which is headquartered in Linz, Austria, is one of the leading software product companies and providers of cloud services for the digital control of documents as well as electronic document, process and records management in Europe. Fabasoft ’s products serve the digitisation, simplification, acceleration and the increase of quality of business pro- cesses – wi thin the company as well as across organisations and countries. Numerous well - known private enterprises and public - sector organisations have trusted in the quality and ex- perience of Fabasoft for three decades.

About Siemens

Siemens has been pioneering technical efficiency, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality for more than 135 years. Through trusting cooperation with clients and partners in this increasingly digitised world, the company transforms individual technical challenges into shared successes – from optimising individual processes to digital factories. Its business operations focus on the fields of electrification, automation and digitalisation. This includes providing systems and services for generating, transferring and distributing energy, as well as energy-efficient products and solutions for production, transportation and building technology and technologies for high-quality, integrated health care. Automation technologies, software and data analysis play a crucial role in these areas.

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