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CareOS, the digital platform for personal care, will demonstrate its groundbreaking capabilities to attendees at VivaTech in LVMH’s Luxury Lab.

16.05.2019 - 12:57:26

CareOS Shows the Future of Health and Beauty at VivaTech. Details of CareOS’s presentation are below for media and other interested attendees. CareOS executives are available for comment throughout the conference.


Chloé Szulzinger,


“LVMH shows the world how to approach beauty and lifestyle with sophistication and innovation,” said Chloé Szulzinger, co-founder & head of marketing-communications of CareOS. “And VivaTech is where the future of our industry unfolds.”

CareOS is working with leading beauty and wellness brands on custom platforms for use in salons, spas and retail. The demonstration at VivaTech will replicate this experience with visitors standing in front of the CareOS CES Award-winning Artemis mirror where they can virtually change lipstick and hair styles, or try on glasses, thanks to Google’s TensorFlow Lite technology.

About CareOS

CareOS, the digital center of self care, is a privacy-first, intuitive, open platform for personal intelligence that works naturally into an individual’s hygiene, beauty, wellness and preventative care rituals. It makes the best possible use of time spent in front of a mirror to improve health and appearance by organizing and enhancing information from connected devices, digital services and CareOS’s own AI. CareOS is a Baracoda company, led by experts with decades of experience in connected devices and wellness, providing support to consumers in their bathrooms, salons, spas and retail stores.