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Asset, Value

Asset Value Investors (“AVI”) today launches a new campaign calling on shareholders of Symphony International Holdings Ltd (“SIHL”), a closed-end investment vehicle managed from Singapore and listed on the London Stock Exchange, to help bring about change at the company after years of poor performance.

29.04.2021 - 10:29:34

Asset Value Investors Calls for Shareholder Support to Remove and Replace Symphony International Holdings’ Board of Directors. AVI owns a 15.4% stake in SIHL on behalf of institutional clients. Having first invested in 2012, it has now been concluded that a continued approach of constructive private engagement has no prospects of success.

and analyses key interconnected areas that require urgent action:

Disastrous NAV and Share Price PerformanceMisrepresented Performance and Material Non-DisclosurePersistently Wide Discount to NAVManager Compensation dwarfing Shareholder ReturnsConflicted BoardThe 2017 Wind-Up Vote That Wasn’t: Shareholder Exit FrustratedForced Partial Sale of Minor International investment at Distressed Prices
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