Ardoq, Named

Ardoq, a SaaS company reinventing Enterprise Architecture (EA) for today’s digital enterprise, today announced that it has been named to Denmark’s SKI, which streamlines public procurement by establishing framework agreements that secure high quality services that can be purchased by organizations in the Danish public sector.

09.01.2023 - 09:02:16

Ardoq Named to Denmark’s SKI Procurement Service for the Public Sector. Ardoq is currently the only provider of enterprise architecture software approved as a supplier on SKI.

cloud technology, ensuring those new solutions meet the security and compliance needs of the public sector is critical. Because Ardoq is a SKI supplier, public entities can seamlessly adopt Ardoq’s EA tool with confidence that the company meets the stringent requirements government agencies require. With Ardoq, public entities can meet their transformation goals by building progressive EA that enables impactful decisions, provides business and IT transparency and delivers quick time-to-value.

“Public and private entities alike need next-gen, data-driven tools that allow them to drive successful transformation, improve change initiatives and save valuable resources,” said Lasse Berg, Director, EU, Ardoq. “Our inclusion in the SKI procurement service removes hurdles for public entities looking to harness the power of enterprise architecture to drive their organizations forward.”

Ardoq is currently available on SKI as a software supplier. To learn more, visit this page. To see how Ardoq is powering next generation EA, visit

About Ardoq
Ardoq is a SaaS company reinventing Enterprise Architecture for today’s digital enterprise. The company’s dynamic, data-driven EA platform is designed to plan and execute major change initiatives. The tool provides a digital twin of an organization’s people, processes, systems, data, and infrastructure. With Ardoq, CIOs can confidently deliver digital transformations, and IT leaders can make better technology decisions based on real-time information. With Ardoq, EAs can serve as change agents, supporting business and IT collaboration for better outcomes. Learn more at