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Children’s, Motivation

A new report has revealed an innovative and inspiring way to help children’s education recover from Covid – and one that doesn’t involve longer school days or shorter school holidays.

24.03.2021 - 09:47:30

Children’s Motivation Key to Schools’ Covid Recovery – Education and Employers Report

in improved motivation for maths, science and English and increases children’s future aspirations and desire to learn.

The programme has been successfully piloted by the charity Education and Employers working with the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT).

After taking part in Primary Futures activities, 88% of children agreed that doing well at school would help them in the future and 82% of children now understood how maths, science and English could be useful.

Paul Whiteman, General Secretary of the NAHT, commented:

“Now is the time for us to ignite our children’s aspirations. We need to help them see what’s possible and the opportunities open to them. It is truly incredible how much impact this scheme has had.”

The report also shows that the career aspirations of 7 year-olds are often unchanged by the time they reach 18 and are worryingly influenced by gender, ethnicity and social stereotypes. This results in young people ruling out options from a young age.

However, following inspiring sessions with people from the world of work, 84% of children understood that boys and girls can do the same job and 80% now agreed that ‘people like them’ can be successful.

Nick Chambers, CEO of Education and Employers, added:

“We need to ensure that all our children have the chance to be inspired and this must start in primary school.”


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