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TORG, Worlds

TORG - World?s First Utilimeme Goes Live on Crypto Exchanges Worldwide

20.08.2021 - 09:05:55

A futuristic utility-focused cryptocurrency that will soon be available in all major trading zones. TORG started trading from July 20, 2021, on multiple Global Exchanges. Since the launch, different pairs of TORG have been formed on these centralized exchanges, including TORG/USDT, TORG/BTC, and TORG/ETH. More additional features will be enabled with the progress of TORG. 

TORG started trading from 20th July 2021 on the world’s leading Global Exchanges, namely Uniswap, BitMart, CoinTiger, ProBit, CoinsBit Global, CoinsBit India, WhiteBit, HotBit.io, LA Token, IndoEx International, Bilaxy, etc. And of course! The current list of exchanges does not represent all the exchanges that TORG will be traded on. 
What is TORG all about?

TORG is not a regular cryptocurrency. It is the world’s first utilimeme that is sustainability-driven, utility-focused, and completely decentralized. It aims to increase economic activity, new development of opportunities for the world’s youth, and alleviate the economic constraints facing the world’s marginalized populations. 
Another key differentiator for TORG, and a reason why it is expected to hold value in a sustainable pattern is the one visible sign of the user confidence in its sustainability and utility-focused vision is that many users who hold TORGs seem keen to hold despite having the choice to sell or convert.
Why to hold TORG?

The main reason behind people’s keen interest in TORG is its unique value proposition. TORG is not a regular cryptocurrency compared to regular meme-based currencies. This proposition is not coincidental but a representation of the consciousness and mission of the TORG Foundation of putting futuristic financial technology in the service of mankind. 
Advantages of TORG:
  • It has a utility focus that links the cryptocurrency to economic progress and development.
  • 100% decentralized architecture that does not leave the cryptocurrency’s development in the hands of narrow vested interests.
  • As the world’s first utilimeme, it combines the power of meme-driven popularity with the sustainability that comes with a focus on global utility.

TORG makes its way to the crypto environment

It doesn’t take much time for a cryptocurrency to become popular. The world has witnessed the meteoric rise of Dogecoin, one of TORG’s key competitors along with many more and within weeks they became viral. A better journey is anticipated with TORG & will gain the recognition it deserves.
TORG has introduced a new approach for traders to diversify their portfolios with a much sustainable and utility focused token. It aims to allow crypto users the option to trade on their chosen exchanges, and in line with the goal of driving mass adoption, TORG aims to expand this list to include all major exchanges. 
Meanwhile, TORG is regularly hitting new highs. Exciting days ahead!

It’s #TORGTime. 

The TORG FOUNDATION aims to extend this confidence in the long-term sustainability of this cryptocurrency to its users by investing in the infrastructure for expanding TORG’s global relevance and use cases. It aims to extend its reach across both the developed and the developing worlds with the view of helping TORG become a globally acceptable cryptocurrency.

TORG’s concept is guided by its mission of shaping a brighter future of finance for mankind and is manifested not only in the concept, but also the rules embedded in the cryptography, the complete decentralization of its administration, and the role of the TORG Foundation that ensures that the currency stays true to its mission and value proposition.

TORG’s uniqueness stems from the core and interlinked concepts of sustainability, global utility, and complete decentralization, that together constitute its value proposition.
For more information and updates, visit www.torg.to or follow TORG on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, and Medium.
Disclaimer: The information available on this article is for educational purposes only and not an offer, solicitation of an offer, or advice to buy or sell securities, investment or tax advice. Purchasing cryptocurrencies comes with a number of risks. All Forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties which may cause actual results to differ materially from the statements made here. The data and non-TORG names are for informational and identification purposes only. 
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