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Snapper, Future

Snapper Future Tech Launches Blockchain-Based Credential Verification SaaS Platform Snapcert.io

20.04.2021 - 15:32:34

Business Wire India
Snapper Future Tech, a leading blockchain technology firm in India, has launched a new SaaS credentials platform SnapCert.io, that digitally verifies credentials issued by schools, colleges, and universities to make them tamper proof. This blockchain-based platform facilitates student ownership and validates and verifies academic records, thereby deterring and discouraging the circulation of fraudulent degrees, records, and documents that are increasingly becoming common in the Indian education sector.
This one-of-a-kind digital credential verification platform will offer the education sector an easy, safe, and transparent verification process of all kinds of academic certificates through digitization, generation, authentication and sharing. Snapper Future Tech will soon also make micro-credentials available on this platform for enterprises.
“Blockchain-based credential verification not only takes away current inefficiencies, it establishes sound provenance of the records. Indian universities and colleges can greatly benefit from adopting blockchain, as it will arrest the fraudulent degrees in the market. With no capital expenditure towards technology, SaaS credential platforms are the best solution for enterprises. Colleges and universities are assured of global data protection standards and the current process of verification becomes fully automated and trusted. SnapCert.io is a cost-effective, time-saving, and convenient platform that all educational organizations as well as students can greatly benefit from,” said Darshana Jain, CEO, Snapper Future Tech.
SnapCert.io does not replace any existing systems, rather, it acts as a complex information network bridge that connects all stakeholders without storing any data on the platforms. No institute or student-related information is stored on servers in plain text. Each user can access their credentials using a unique certificate ID. An individual file-path, hash of the certificate file, along with the user login data are stored on Blockchain. SnapCert.io issues SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity) credentials which follows W3C’s DID (decentralized Identity) and verifiable credentials standard.
facilitates corporate verifiers, academic verifiers, background verification agencies, consulates, and individual verifiers to do credential verification directly from the primary source without the involvement of any personnel doing away with manual errors and fraud.
Here are some added advantages of SnapCert.io for universities/colleges:
  • It is integrated with?Digilocker. Universities don’t have to upload data to NAD/Digilocker?separately
  • Universities can issue credentials on?SnapCert?and continue to get verification revenue
  • Data Security is an integral part as?colleges do not need to share data with?SnapCert
  • SnapCert?integrates with existing software?systems
  • SnapCert?is a SaaS Platform and does not entail capital expenditure to universities
  • Mark sheets, degrees, transfer?certificates are all supported by?SnapCert
  • It creates?an?academic wallet for students for their ease of use
  • Any applications and payments to a university are handled?securely?online
About Snapper Future Tech (SFT)
Snapper Future Tech is a global services & technology products company, leading digital transformation for enterprises using blockchain. It offers services in Blockchain application development, training & consulting and an innovative suite of specialized products for e-Governance, Financial Services, Insurance, Sustainable Supply Chain & Healthcare.
Established in 2017 in Pune, Snapper Future Tech has raised Pre-Seed and Seed rounds through Enemtech Capital and strategic investors globally. A Hyperledger Certified Service Provider (HCSP) & Training partner (HTP), the company participates in open-source initiatives across the globe & has robust technological alliances & partnerships with Hyperledger, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, IBM, Trust over IP & Sovrin.
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