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Evo Visian ICL for Correction of Spectacle Power

13.04.2018 - 07:25:27

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LASIK and its variants, including Contoura Vision, SMILE and Femtosecond LASIK are the most popular refractive eye surgeries, for removal of glasses, and are all available at the Eye 7 hospitals. However, for those who look for options other than corneal based procedures, there are Implantable Collamer Lenses or simply ICLs. ICLs have actually opened up new vistas in refractive surgeries and provide a safe and effective option not only for correcting myopia but also for astigmatism, even in patients not eligible for LASIK.

What are ICLs?

Implantable Collamer Lenses, also known as Phakic Intra Ocular Lenses (IOLs) offer permanent vision correction. They can be considered a hybrid between Contact Lenses and Intraocular Lenses (IOLs). They cannot be seen by the naked eye, and are implanted inside the eye between the iris and the natural lens. However, unlike an IOL, they do not need removal of the natural lens of the eye.

Eye 7 hospitals almost exclusively use the EVO Visian ICL, manufactured by STAAR Surgical, Switzerland, which is customized to the unique refractive error of the patient and can also correct astigmatism.

What are the advantages of EVO Visian ICL over other ICLs?

The EVO Visian ICL is made of patented, biocompatible polymer material called Collamer which also absorbs the harmful UV rays. EVO Visian ICLs can be used to correct myopia from -3.0D to -18.0D. The toric version can be used to correct astigmatism up to 6D also.

It has been approved for implantation in Europe since 1997 and in the US since 2005, which means there is a wealth of experience in its use. More than 785,000 eyes have been implanted with EVO Visian ICLs and it has a proven safety record of more than 20 years around the world. Currently, it is approved and used extensively in more than 75 countries and was the first phakic IOL to be approved for use in India.

Dr. Sanjay Chaudhary, the founder director of Eye 7 group of hospitals has been a pioneer in the field of ICLs and has the distinction of having implanted the maximum number of EVO Visian ICLs in India, over the last five years, with excellent results with excellent long-term outcomes for thousands of patients. He has been honored with the highest number of ICLs implanted in India for the year 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

EVO represents an Evolution in Visual Freedom from spectacles and contacts. The EVO Visian ICL is designed to provide premium refractive outcomes while optimizing patient comfort. Its added benefits include:
  • Large range of refractive error correction: The EVO Visian ICL provides correction up to -18 Diopters of Myopia, up to +8 Diopters of Hyperopia and up to 6 Diopters of Astigmatism
  • Large optic which may be better for young patients and large mesopic pupils: The EVO Visian ICL has an expanded optic diameter, which means it is better suited for patients with larger pupils. This is especially beneficial for younger patients. The large surface of full correction of refractive error with optimal quality may benefit young patients or those with larger pupils at night. In real life, this would mean fewer visual disturbances like glare and difficulty in night time driving.
  • Proven safety and efficacy, US FDA approval: Its proven track record in over 780,000 eyes over the last two decades means both its safety and efficacy are beyond doubt
In addition to these advantages of the EVO Visian ICL design, EVO, of course, comes with all of the following advantages.

These advantages of EVO include:
  • The biggest advantage of EVO ICL surgery is that it offers hope for better vision without glasses to also those patients who are not eligible for refractive surgeries like LASIK due to either very high refractive errors or thin corneas
  • EVO is a safe option for patients with thin corneas, stable keratoconus and also patients who have had scarring from previous corneal surgeries
  • EVO is removable, unlike LASIK which permanently removes corneal tissue, and provides very quick visual recovery and rehabilitation
  • EVO offers better vision correction than glasses, contact lenses or even LASIK, due to lesser visual disturbances
  • EVO does not induce dry eye because the cornea is not being altered with ablation
  • Since the EVO is made of collamer which blocks harmful UV radiation, it provides additional protection against diseases like cataract and Age-Related Macular Degeneration
In real life, what advantage does EVO Visian ICL offer to me?

In real life terms, the EVO Visian ICL comes with a long-term safety profile spanning over 20 years. You can go ahead with the surgery knowing 780,000 eyes have received the same EVO with wonderful results. This is why, we at Eye 7, have limited our practice almost exclusively to EVO Visian ICL. It has been approved by the US FDA which is further assertion of its safety and efficacy.

In addition to this, the other obvious advantages may include:
  • Spectacle free perfect vision even for high refractive errors which cannot be treated by LASIK
  • Sharp, clear vision with very few visual disturbances
  • No induction of dry eye and other flap-related complications one may expect from LASIK
  • A quick, painless procedure with fast recovery of vision and return to a normal lifestyle
  • Additional protection from UV rays, so a potential decreased risk of cataract

About The Eye 7 Hospitals

The Eye7 group of hospitals has been committed to delivering quality eye care to people in the national capital region of Delhi for over thirty years. The group has expanded to 4 state-of-the-art ophthalmology centres in the NCR, ensuring easy access to its team of highly dedicated eye care professionals in Delhi. Each of the eye hospitals in Delhi remains committed to the ideals of the Eye7 philosophy of providing the best eye care possible, through a team of highly trained and compassionate eye care professionals, using the latest and safest technologies from across the world. As a general measure of experience and dedication to eye care, it is enough to mention that Eye7, the best eye hospital in Delhi, has performed over 200,000 cumulative surgeries, with optimal results.
Eye7 remains dedicated to providing eye care of global standards, at par with the most advanced eye hospitals in the world, at your doorstep, and at a price point that remains affordable and cost-effective.

Eye7 takes great pride in its team of eye care professionals. Each of the surgeons and paramedical staff is best in class. The team is chosen for its proficiency, qualification as well as compassion and dedication to patient care. This is why the commitment to provide the best possible solution for your visual needs is actually a promise that is always kept.
The doctors of Eye7, some of the best eye specialists in Delhi, are world renowned clinicians and surgeons, carrying with them the best in terms of clinical experience, continued medical education and training in the latest technologies. Each discipline of ophthalmology, be it Cataract, Refractive Surgery, Contoura Vision, Lasik Laser Eye Surgery, ICL, Retina, Glaucoma, Squint, Neuro-ophthalmology or Oculoplasty, the Eye7 group has the best, dedicated super specialists catering to each visual and aesthetic need of the patients.
For eye health and vision correction, the team of highly experienced and skilled surgeons is partnered by the equally trained ancillary staff, and ably supported by the latest international technology, complying to the highest and best standards of quality, outcomes and safety, not just in Delhi, but at par with anywhere else in the world also.

The four branches of Eye7 Eye Hospitals are located at-
  • Lajpat Nagar
  • Daryaganj
  • Janakpuri
  • Indirapuram
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