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Dates - 2nd Nov 2018 to 9th Nov 2018; Host Nation - Sofia, Bulgaria

06.11.2018 - 12:00:19

Mrs India 2018 Winner Ujala Sabharwal to Represent India at Mrs Planet 2018

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Contestants from Across the Planet
Contestants from Across the Planet

Mrs India 2018 Winner Ujala Sabharwal to represent India at  Mrs India 2018 from Nov 2 to Nov 9  2018 at Sofia, Bulgaria (in Europe).

Ujala Sabharwal represented Karnataka at National Finale of Mrs India 2018 and spoke about the restoration of the Natural Beauty of Jammu and Kashmir and Global Warming, Mrs India 2018 Ujala Sabharwal said that she wants to focus on sustainable Lifestyle which is one of major cause for Global Warming and that we might not have control over everything but we can certainly adopt a sustainable lifestyle that will contribute delay in Global Warming. The best thing she realised is to minimise the Clutter of Fabrics at home which keeps piling and piling every month, without our realization that this is one of serious reason that has contributed to the Carbon Footprints.

Mrs India 2018 Ujala Sabharwal said it is such a pride to represent India at Mrs Planet 2018 a Prestigious platform for Married Woman that not only gives an opportunity to represent your nation but encourages to Save Environment, a cause which is very close to the Queens Heart. Save Environment is the need of the hour and every small step may contribute in Big scale if we all decide to do so.

Mrs India 2018 Winner Ujala Sabharwal Go Green Costume is Designed by Deepali Phadnis which is made by “Shola” Inspired by Classic Odissi Dance accessories which is nothing but the Root of Tree grown in shallow water found mainly in Eastern India. These are not only environment-friendly but very versatile in use.

Mrs India 2018 Ujala Sabharwal is HR Professional working with IT Company, she is also winner of Mrs India Karnataka 2018. Post winning of State Level, she participated in Mrs India 2018’s National finale that carved her way to International Pageant of Mrs India 2018. Mrs India 2018 Ujala Sabharwal stands 5feet 8 Inches tall and is a mother of a 4-Year-Old and hails from Bangalore. She says her biggest support is her Husband and Family is the only assets she cherishes. After busy work hours, she loves to spend time playing with her son Hrehaan.

Mrs India Pageants would like to wish luck to our Beautiful Mrs India 2018 Ujala Sabharwal for her journey ahead on Mrs Planet 2018. About Mrs India Pageant

Mrs India Pageant is India’s first event Pageant that started hosting preliminaries for International Pageants in India. Started in 2013 Mrs India Pageant was founded by Former Mrs Asia International 2012 Deepali Phadnis who is multi-facet personality. After participating in many Beauty Pageants right from Local City Level Beauty Pageants to International Beauty, Deepali Phadnis thought of giving a National Level Platform to environment-friendly Woman to showcase their Beauty, Talent, Glamour and Culture. Mrs India Pageant is a platform that gives voice and visibility to Mrs India Contestants. A platform to realize own dream and achieve new heights in life as successful Modern Woman.