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06.07.2021 - 15:31:32

Control insects effectively without a chemical bomb

| Fran?ais |?Espa?ol | Italiano | Nederlands |?Svenska |????????? | Suomalainen | Dansk |?Sloven??ina |St Gallen, 06/07/2021. Mosquitoes and flies in our living areas are annoying and often not easy to get rid of. Different options, from tried and tested home remedies to chemical, toxic substances to modern electronic insect traps, promise a remedy. But what really helps against these annoying pests? In this article, we explain for you where the advantages and disadvantages of the individual control methods lie and why a "chemical bomb" is strongly discouraged.Will there be more mosquitoes and insects in the summer of 2021? There is nothing to suggest that a mosquito or insect plague will occur this year. Nevertheless, the conditions are favourable for large populations. April and May were rainy; now it is getting warmer and warmer and the first heatwaves are setting in. Many species of mosquito lay their eggs in flooded fields near rivers. However, smaller pools and puddles are also ideally suited for this. The first preventive measure to avoid a lot of mosquitoes indoors is therefore, to remove stagnant water in outdoor areas, such as the garden, balcony, terrace, etc.Do mosquitoes transmit the coronavirus? There is currently no evidence that mosquitoes transmit COVID-19. However, this cannot yet be ruled out, or the virus could mutate in such a way that this becomes possible. What you have to consider now though, is that other dangerous viruses are transmitted by mosquitoes. Due to the rising temperatures in Europe, more and more mosquito species from tropical areas are settling and bringing diseases. These include the Culex mosquito, the Asian tiger mosquito, and the Aedes mosquito. These transmit yellow fever, as well as the Zika, chikungunya, West Nile, and dengue viruses. In order to protect your own home and family, you should therefore drive annoying bloodsuckers away quickly and set up effective insect protection.Which home remedies help to combat mosquitoes? Certain plants, like lavender, basil, garlic, or lemongrass, keep mosquitos away with their scent. Citrus fruits with cloves also have a repellent effect. The problems with these methods are efficiency, reach, and, in some cases, constant maintenance. While all you have to do is water the plants, constantly renewing citrus fruits with cloves can be a hassle. The range of effectiveness of these home remedies is relative, depending on where they are placed and how intense the smell that is emitted is. A big advantage of plants, on the other hand, is that they generally improve the living environment and are sometimes also suitable for consumption, so it makes sense if practical to utilise these remedies, although they can be enhanced by embracing technological solutions alongside, and after all a sweet lavender scent and fresh basil for tomato sauce are always a pleasure.Chemical bomb against insects in the house or garden The efficiency of chemical agents against insects speaks in favour of their use. These so-called insecticides kill annoying mosquitoes and flies, but also bees, wasps, etc., in a very short time. Yet, this is exactly where the disadvantage and the biggest problem of using a "chemical bomb" also lies: it simply kills everything. This is particularly unacceptable indoors, as pets, children and even adults who come into contact with the toxins can suffer damage to their health. Even biological insecticides, also called biocides, are strong poisons, and we strongly advise against using them. In the outdoor area, biocides not only kill annoying mosquitoes but, unfortunately, also beneficial organisms, such as bees, bumblebees, and wasps. Even mammals, like weasels, hedgehogs, cats, and dogs, can die if they ingest them in higher doses.Effective, ecological, and sustainable - insect control from SWISSINNO You get the perfect combination of efficiency and sustainability with the innovative insect catcher from the quality Swiss company SWISSINNO. The stylish 4W LED Mini Insect Glue Catcher, for example, ensures a high level of allure with the help of UV light. Mosquitoes and flies are attracted by it, land on the sticky glue paper, and remain stuck there. Without any bait or poison! This makes the insect trap safe for children and pets. Ideally suited for indoor areas, such as kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, restaurants, and more.Insect catcher with UV light and glue paper Innovation instead of poisonPoisons like insecticides and biocides are harmful to the environment and health, and their use should always be avoided if possible. When developing products, SWISSINNO relies on the use of sustainable technologies that enable ecological, safe, and effective pest control. "We protect what you love" - protecting living spaces from pests without creating a source of danger for the residents of these living spaces is the main concern of the Swiss company. End of Media Release Issuer: SWISSINNO SOLUTIONS AG Key word(s): Environment

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