Leclanch? SA, CH0110303119

Leclanch? SA, CH0110303119

20.12.2021 - 07:00:04

EQS-News: Leclanch? Completes Second Hybrid Energy Storage System with S4 Energy

(SIX: LECN), one of the world's leading energy storage companies, have completed collaboration on a second highly innovative hybrid energy storage project in the northern portion of the country.

The 10 MW electrical energy storage system (EESS) will provide power to support frequency stabilization for TenneT, the Dutch transmission system operator. Frequency containment reserves are active power reserves which compensate for fluctuations in the electricity grid. The system is located in Heerhugowaard, a city in Noord Holland (North Holland) province.

Leclanch? served as the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor of the battery energy storage system (BESS). The BESS is fully engineered by Leclanch? and consists of power conversion sub-systems, battery modules and battery enclosures. The entire system is managed by Leclanch?'s proprietary energy management system (EMS) which ensures safe and efficient operation.

As in the initial S4 Energy-Leclanch? project in Almelo, Holland, the new storage system features a combination of Leclanch?'s lithium-ion battery storage technology coupled with S4 Energy's KINEXT flywheel storage to provide primary control power for frequency stabilization. The cutting-edge system is designed to deliver 9MW of power for frequency control with 1MW dedicated to load displacement applications.

"We're pleased to be partnering with S4 Energy in this second utility project combining our two storage technologies into a value-added solution supporting Dutch grid stability," said Guido Guidi, Senior Vice President, Global Sales, Stationary Storage Solutions, Leclanch?.

"S4 Energy and Leclanch? have developed a solid collaboration resulting in enhanced solutions and a new dynamic for the market. We look forward to further enhance this collaboration during the operations of the projects." said Dominique Becker Hoff, Commercial Director, S4 Energy.

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About S4 Energy S4 Energy (https://www.s4-energy.com/) employs specialist expertise and equipment together with sophisticated software to fully unlock the power of energy storage. We help energy producers, grid operators and end users to stabilize supply and demand and make the most of their existing infrastructure and energy flows. Their mission is to make their client's energy and power management smarter, more flexible and more profitable. S4 Energy solutions consist of a range of storage techniques (chemical, electrolytic, kinetic) and incorporate proven technology both from partners and their own portfolio. S4 Energy has developed and holds various patents on energy storage technologies, including their uniquely efficient KINEXT storage units. S4 Energy is based in the Netherlands and was founded by a group of former corporate executives and informal investors. Their team has extensive international experience up to an executive level in engineering, consultancy, finance, science and manufacturing.About Leclanch? Headquartered in Switzerland, Leclanch? SA is a leading provider of high-quality energy storage solutions designed to accelerate our progress towards a clean energy future. Leclanch?'s history and heritage is rooted in over 100 years of battery and energy storage innovation and the Company is a trusted provider of energy storage solutions globally. This coupled with the Company's culture of German engineering and Swiss precision and quality, continues to make Leclanch? the partner of choice for both disruptors, established companies and governments who are pioneering positive changes in how energy is produced, distributed and consumed around the world. The energy transition is being driven primarily by changes in the management of our electricity networks and the electrification of transport, and these two end markets form the backbone of our strategy and business model. Leclanch? is at the heart of the convergence of the electrification of transport and the changes in the distribution network. Leclanch? is the only listed pure play energy storage company in the world, organised along three business units: stationary storage solutions, e-Transport solutions and specialty batteries systems. Leclanch? is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX: LECN).

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