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17.01.2023 - 07:33:25

EQS-News: IONOS Group SE plans Initial Public Offering in the first quarter of 2023

in 2021, IONOS offers a one-stop shop for all digitalization needs of SMB customers across their lifecycle: from domains and web hosting to classic website builders and do-it-yourself solutions, from professional e-mail to e-commerce solutions and online marketing tools. Further, the Company offers comprehensive aftermarket activities including among others the operation of a marketplace for domains. The aftermarket business has grown significantly over the past few years.

The business model is predominantly based on customer contracts with fixed monthly charges and contractually defined terms, providing stable, recurring and predictable revenue and cash flows. This offers protection against cyclicality and creates financial flexibility to exploit opportunities in new business areas and new markets. Additionally, IONOS targets revenue growth of the WP&P business at a high single-digit CAGR in the medium term while benefiting from significant barriers to entry.

Fast-growing and already self-sustaining Cloud Solutions business

One of IONOS? main growth engines is its already self-sustaining Cloud Solutions business, which accounted for approximately 10% of revenues[2] in 2021. Recent investments, fully financed by reinvested earnings, have contributed to the division?s growth momentum: the Cloud Solutions business grew at 19% CAGR from 2019 to 2021. IONOS intends to significantly benefit not only from a global shift towards the cloud, as well as from the fact that it has its own tech stack that is independent from US providers.

Resilient business model based on sustainable growth, profitability and cash generation

IONOS? resilient business model combines sustainable growth, strong profitability and high cash generation that fares better than many of its peers, in the Company?s assessment.

The Company generated total revenues of EUR 1.1 billion in 2021 and estimates to have achieved a total revenue growth year-on-year of 15-18% in 2022. In the first nine months of 2022, IONOS grew its total revenue by approximately 19% compared to the first nine months of 2021, thereby bolstering its growth trajectory in both WP&P and Cloud Solutions. In the mid-term, the Company aims for a total revenue growth CAGR of around 10%, with an underlying assumption that Cloud Solutions would deliver a CAGR of around 20%.

IONOS operates a highly profitable and asset-light business, with an Adjusted EBITDA Margin of 32.2% in 2021. While it estimates a lower margin for 2022 due to further investments in the IONOS brand, the Company aims to achieve an Adjusted EBITDA Margin that will progressively exceed and steadily remain above 30% in the mid-term.

Driven by the large share of subscription-based recurring revenue, the scalability of its business model and a high cash generation combined with low levels of maintenance capital expenditures in 2021, the Company has a Cash Conversion Rate of 89.5%.

Further growth supported by multiple growth levers and continued brand investments

With leading web hosting positions in several European markets underpinning IONOS? strong position in the large and growing web hosting market, a best-in-class financial profile and a resilient business model, the Company is confident to be very well positioned for future growth. Besides continuous organic growth resulting from previous successful investments, e.g. in Cloud Solutions and the expansion across existing as well as into new local markets, IONOS aims to capitalize on further growth potential. At the same time, building the industry?s strongest brand is a key element to secure future market success, with up- and cross-selling of today?s product portfolio marking another strong growth opportunity. In the long-term, further international expansion, a broadening of the product portfolio and driving consolidation via opportunistic M&A are additional options to accelerate growth.

As a standalone, publicly listed company, IONOS believes that it will have an enhanced flexibility to implement this growth strategy. The Company further aims to benefit from increased visibility and prominence of IONOS? brands, as well as direct access to the capital markets following an IPO, to further accelerate its growth trajectory and consolidate its leading position in the European web hosting market. IONOS has secured financing through intercompany loans provided by United Internet.

Further details on the intended IPO

IONOS Group SE?s current share capital is held by United Internet (75.1%) and Warburg Pincus (24.9%). The offering is expected to consist of a public offering in Germany and international private placements. The listing of the shares of IONOS Group SE is planned on the Regulated Market (Prime Standard) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. J.P. Morgan, Berenberg, Deutsche Bank and BNP PARIBAS are acting as the Joint Global Coordinators in connection with the planned transaction. Barclays and Goldman Sachs are acting as Joint Bookrunners. COMMERZBANK, DZ BANK and Landesbank Baden-W?rttemberg are Co-Lead Managers.


[1] McKinsey (2022): The SMB Market for Digitization and Cloud Solutions. For its served addressable market, IONOS has deducted Cloud North America and server hosting North America from total McKinsey figures to align with IONOS current addressability.

[2]From contracts with customers.




IONOS is the leading European SMB digitalization partner and a trusted cloud enabler. The Company provides web presence and productivity solutions as well as cloud infrastructure and cloud solutions to more than six million customers and operates across 18 markets in Europe and North America, with its platform being accessible worldwide. With its comprehensive product portfolio, IONOS acts as a 'one-stop shop' for all digitalization needs: from domains and web hosting to classic website builders and do-it-yourself solutions, from e-commerce and online marketing tools to full-fledged servers and IaaS solutions. The Company?s scalable platform provides end-to-end solutions for freelancers, small and medium businesses and consumers as well as enterprise customers with complex IT requirements.

IONOS is part of the listed United Internet AG (ISIN DE0005089031).


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